How has the real estate market in Kiev since 2012

13.06.2012 14:12
Articles about real estate | How has the real estate market in Kiev since 2012 The company published its latest ranking Mercer cost of living for foreigners in major cities around the world. The most expensive for visitors was the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo, where his usual jeans will have to pay about $ 150, a cinema ticket will cost $ 22.

The capital of Angola, Luanda, which last year took the rankings Mercer, fell to second place. The main reasons for the extremely high prices in this country have become tedious and lengthy process of cargo handling at the local port. Among other things, the infrastructure of the city was severely damaged during the civil war. For example, the price of a liter of milk in Angola may reach three dollars, and the cost of renting an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment - $ 6.186 per month.

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According to ABC News, on the third place was another Japanese city of Osaka, placed fourth in Moscow, on the fifth - Geneva. Singapore and Zurich shared the sixth place.

The crisis in the euro area has led to the fact that the cost of living in major cities in the region declined, the study says. So, Paris dropped by 10 positions and now ranks 37th in Rome is situated on the line 42 (minus 8 positions), Athens fell from 24 th to 77 th place. London, which last year held the 18th line, now in 25th.

The cost of living for foreigners in major U.S. cities is much lower than in Europe. New York (33rd place) was the only city in the United States, which entered the Top 50 most expensive residential areas. Los Angeles is situated on the 68th row, San Francisco - on the 90th, Washington - on the 107th and Miami - to 110 positions.

In the Middle East was the most expensive city of Tel Aviv - 31st ranked Mercer. The most accessible for expats settlement of the region is recognized as a city located in western Saudi Arabia, Jeddah (182nd place).

The list is a port city in southern Pakistan - Karachi, where the costs of the alien will be three times lower than in Tokyo.

The rankings experts have compared the prices for housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment in 214 cities located on 5 continents. As a reference point taken as the value of a set of goods in New York.

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