How has the buyer of real estate after the crisis?

05.01.2011 16:15

Who buys real estate. How has the buyer. How to measure the demand for real estate market. About these and other important real estate market trends discussed during the online conference, Head of Social Research "Analytical Consulting Center MIEL Nikita Chulochnikova, entitled:" Portrait of a buyer of real estate. Before and after the crisis.

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Today we can confidently say that the crisis in the real estate market has ended. The first positive trends were observed in the market in December 2009, when pent-up demand began to return to the market. As a consequence, prices for regular market in the capital increase of approximately 1% per month since the spring of 2010. In the field - the price dynamics is stable. In general, during the crisis, the price level in Moscow decreased by more than 20% in the region - slightly less than 25%.
With regard to the primary market in Moscow, the recession had passed and there. Increased and the activity of real estate developers, and active buyers. Currently, as in the whole economy, is the recovery period, which may take several years, despite the fact that the crisis has taken about a year.

These and other trends are confirmed by a number of sociological studies full cycle (from the compilation of tools and organization of field work, to processing of the raw data and develop recommendations for the use of survey results), which conducts "ASC MIEL.

For example, in 2010 in polls of potential home buyers were marked tendency implementation of pent-up demand. If prior to the crisis in the Moscow region was a high proportion of investment purchases, but now for 86% of home buyers average and economy to become housing for themselves, 11% of the purchase apartments for their children, and 2% accommodation for parents and relatives. In this case, resource investment house stands only 1%.

Buyers of apartments for themselves often seek to acquire a ready-made flats with planning and renovation, to immediately enter into it and live. Market analysis shows that the most rapid pace in recent years the market goes affordable housing economy-and medium category of comfort. These categories of buyers are most popular.

If we talk about real estate buyers, today to decide on buying a home average and economy are often involved both husband and wife. However, more active in the selection of women (70%). Dominated by persons of middle age from 36 to 50 years (about 14% of group) and young age of 25 to 29 years (13%). Most of the highest (56%) and specialized secondary education (33%). The composition of a typical family: three (37%), four (25%), less two (16%) of the person. The families of about half of the respondents are no children under 18 years old, and in the families of 38% one child under 18 years old.

"But in order to correctly plan today, construction of a house, neighborhood, district or cottage community, you need to know what changes occur in the market in the future, and what accommodation will be buying tomorrow. And this requires a preliminary design of the marketing concept, part of which is forecasting demand and drawing portraits buyer "- emphasizes Head of sociological research" ASC MIEL Nikita Chulochnikov.

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