How financed housing in a crisis?

29.11.2010 15:04
Before the crisis, on average, according to market players, out of total investment in construction of residential houses accounted for 30% of their own or borrowed funds the developer, the rest of the money-sharers.<br /><br />"The loans or equity builder usually get pad or investment contracts and begin construction. At the stage of excavation had already begun selling housing at prices 40-45% below market. For such a price was realized up to 40% of the apartments in the house," - says commercial director of Capital Group Alexei Belousov.<br /><br />According to him, during the construction prices have been revised and the end of the project were almost flat at a cost of finished housing. Partner Goltsblat BLP Vitaly Mozharovsky notes that the market is common practice, when the money earned from real estate investors one object shared by developers to fund other construction projects. Moreover, such a scheme is used in the construction of not only housing but also commercial real estate.<br /><br />"In this case, the federal law" On Participation in the joint construction ', in practice, protects the interest holders only from double sales flat. If the house is not built, interest holders may apply to court to recover their money from the builder, and even win it, but who will pay these money? - explains the Vital Mozharovsky. - interest holders to buy housing from developers with big names, but usually the house building project company, Ltd., with whom lies the investment contracts.<br /><br />Technology Co., Ltd leases in the accounts there is no money out of the assets - the computer and work in a company only CEO and accountant. "<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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