How fast can draw right on the ground?

05.06.2011 13:00
Articles about real estate | How fast can draw right on the ground? Registration of title to land can take about six months. Make it faster? You can, if you find a qualified broker or an official familiar with the land management.

"I recently learned that he inherited as a bequest from his grandmother's land together with a small house in a village near Kiev. But I've heard to get it all in the property, you need to spend much time, effort and money. So I do not know which is better: to dealing with the design or refer to specialists? - Ponders Kievan Yevgeny Samoilov. However, the problem of registration of land ownership in the face not only those who inherited the land, but land buyers.

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Where to run?

Regardless, would buy land or land acquired by inheritance, to formalize a deal with a notary, you must get a state certificate of title to land. This document must be completed by the previous owner marked with inventory numbers. If no such number (this applies to all state certificate, executed before 2002), neither sold nor exchanged, nor to receive land through inheritance can not.

If land is purchased, you need to negotiate with the seller, he underwent a procedure to "legitimize" the site. If the site went under the will, registration will have to do yourself. In this case the reason for applying for such documents by the heir to a deed of gift or will.

First of all you need to apply to the territorial agency of the State Agency of Land Resources (hereinafter GAZR, addresses and phone numbers are listed naofitsialnom site at the location of the land. It should be alert to the possibility that work on the assignment of rooms also includes the development of technical documentation. As to assure site GAZR, assigning rooms is free, but under the condition that the site is a project of land management at the regional office of the Center for Land Cadastre. "

In the absence of the project owner of the land must be ordered in its manufacture in the local land management organizations. The law on ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens on the ground provided that the cost of land development project shall not exceed five non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. But, according to the January decision of the Cabinet, introduced the payment of VAT and income tax of natural persons in receipt of state certificate to the ground.

Now the cost of services to organizations developing projects increased by 20% and amounts to 2,5-8 thousand USD, depending on the size of the area. After receiving the project land acquisition showing the boundaries of the land and its geographical coordinates can safely go for assigning inventory numbers. Incidentally, the number issued free of charge. But with the timing of receipt - unfortunately, full of uncertainty, since the law this term is not defined. But as a rule, the procedure is extended to 3-6 months.

Inheritance or purchase

Those who are lucky enough to get allotment in the inheritance, shall, within 6 months to apply to the notary public at the place of registration of the testator, a statement of acceptance of the inheritance and the issuance of a certificate of inheritance of immovable property. It is this document - the basis for the registration of land property rights and to re-register (new issue), the State act on land ownership.

In case of purchase of the land allotment will first have to undergo the procedure of registration of a notarial transaction of sale. In this case, the seller must provide a certificate on the ground (always with cadastral number) and a certificate on expert evaluation of the site, as well as a certificate that the site is not in the mortgage and can be freely sold.

How to speed up the process

Of course, registration of land will require a certain costs - about 5% of the site will go to taxes and duties (see table).. To avoid running around government facilities and queues, you can apply to real estate companies providing services on registration of ownership of real property. In this case, the design will take several weeks, and the price of the issue - from 3 to 5% of the transaction. They also say that it is possible at the stage of registration of land in the territorial authority GAZR find the "right person". Suggest who to ask, can the people in the queue, but still better to talk with local realtors - they know exactly who it is and for what amount of access it. Depending on the location of the plot estate agent services, taking into account the interests of an official act for the production will cost $ 200-600, and the period of production - no more than a month.

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