How does the shape of houses and land for living?

08.10.2010 05:11
Articles about real estate | How does the shape of houses and land for living? Protrusions and indentations in the walls of the houses have an effect on its inhabitants.

* NORTH Guide helps home owners can easily make friends, deepening portends risk of accidents. Better to the north side there was no protrusions or indentations.
* NORTH-EAST protrusion attached inhabitants of the house prone to experimentation and research; recess prevents business plan.

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* EAST projection indicates the audacity and willpower in risky enterprises, as well as impatience, deepening suggests that
inhabitants of the house is easy to lose begun hunting for the cause.
* SOUTHEAST ledge creates a need for greater effort in the work; portends deepening daughters homeowner unhappy love.
SOUTH ledge helps the inhabitants of the house gain good reputation in society, deepening points to the danger from
false friends.
* SOUTH-WEST protrusion attached to women living in the house, the activity in the affairs of men and inclines to laziness; recess on this side of depriving
inhabitants of the house of luck.
* WEST ledge brings happiness to the family, deepening gives family members a tendency to dissimulation and coquetry.
* NORTHWEST Guide says the propensity of inhabitants of the house to compete; deepening - the passion to quarrels and scandals.

If the home is too much of protrusions and recesses, according to Bagua, this has had on the inhabitants of the following effects:

* North side: the son of the house owner will constantly strive for domination in the family, in addition, he may suffer from kidney and urinary diseases and will be prone to failure in business.
* North-East side: the son of the house owner will be too hard to endure setbacks and defeats, he may suffer from diseases of the abdominal cavity, and face life with many obstacles.
* East side: the son of the home owner can get hepatitis B, meet on the path of life many obstacles and damage health.
* Southeast side: the daughter of the house owner can become ill with hepatitis, ruin health and to remain childless.
* South side: the daughter of the house owner may suffer from heart disease, it would cause a family scandal, and met on the many obstacles.
* The southwest side: the owner's spouse at home may suffer from diseases of the abdominal cavity and is constantly faced with obstacles in
* West side: the daughter of the house owner will suffer from respiratory diseases will be unhappy in life and face many obstacles.
* North-west side: the landlord will suffer from respiratory diseases will be unlucky and will meet on the way many

However, it should be noted that the protrusions and depressions do not exceed 1 / 3 of the house, are not subject to the above geomantic

Before you buy land, pay attention to its shape. Best form - a square or rectangular. Avoid areas in the form of irregular polygons, because they can cause trouble. They are bad influence on health and may also indirectly affect the success in business. If you bought too much elongated rectangular area, then building a house need to carefully follow the rules of feng shui in order to avoid adverse effects of qi. It is not recommended to purchase plots in the form of letters 'L' in the form of scoop. Also unfavorable triangular areas and areas with many angles.

Inspect and topography, the location of the site. Considered the most favorable terrain is flat, without elevations and depressions. The rise or fall in soil with a hand section has the following impact:

* EAST rise indicates a slow development of cases which involved the inhabitants of the house, lowering - the rapid and successful development (particularly if the cavity is wide enough).
* SOUTH lift soil causes pain, lowering promotes the development of mental abilities.
* WEST rise helps family members work together, drop indicates that the family lacks mutual care and attention.
* NORTH lift allows residents of the house to get a lot of friends, a decrease indicates immoderate spending money.
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