How do I find the «golden» middle of the construction of cottage

08.04.2011 10:23
Articles about real estate | How do I find the «golden» middle of the construction of cottage Although suburban real estate market in the capital region rich in a variety of proposals to find the appropriate option, and now is not easy. There are buyers who are not satisfied with the land area and house designs - someone they seem to be too large, and someone - tiny.

This is not surprising that many projects builders started several years ago, when the preferences were different. Now on suburban real estate market have developed other criteria. They adapted to the market and to the new requirements of buyers.

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Homeownership includes land and a house and it looks very advantageous when the ratio of the areas optimally balanced. However, optimality criteria for different classes of different villages, so that's good for one class is not very acceptable to another. For example, if a developer to build houses in the village economy-an area of ??300 square meters and break areas and 30 acres, then the offer price is clearly not come within the announced format. Likewise, would look ridiculous house of 100 sq.m on a plot in the village of six hundred square meters of business class.

"I am always amazed by townships business class, which in areas of 8-9 hectare are brick houses with an area of ??500-700 square meters. m ", - said Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company" RealEkspo. According to him, an example of a failed area ratio in the village can be a chaotic construction in towns Obukhov direction in the early 90's. Lack of integrated development has led to what is on small plots of land the road were built huge houses with unsightly architecture. "To live in such houses is extremely uncomfortable, so even in the secondary real estate market, they are not in demand", - said the expert.

Currently, the largest number of proposals concentrated in the towns business and economy classes. Therefore, the suburban real estate portal decided to talk specifically about them.

Criteria for economy class: houses and land have grown

The most stringent criteria to withstand builders class village economy. Any miscalculation affects the price and reduces the liquidity supply and - on the contrary. Victor Kovalenko notes that after the financial crisis on the country market criteria have changed. If in 2009 the segment of economy-the most popular sites were 8.6 hectare and houses covering about 100 square meters. m, then in 2010 - buyers tend to purchase 8.10 hectare with houses on 120-150 sqm The expert explained by the fact that over the past year significantly restored consumer preferences, so the houses were bought with an eye to the future - for children, grown up family, and not just from the fact that in the hands of a sum of money, and it must meet.

According to Alexander Sas, director of the company SasArhBud, for economy class townships now operates such a formula: the territory is divided into sections ranging from 7 to 12 acres, on which houses are built from 100 to 140 sq.m. For economy class + other standards: areas in the villages of 12 to 14 acres, and houses up to 220-250 meters

Sometimes developers within one settlement offer and the house and lands of different sizes, allowing them to bring their projects a large audience of buyers. According to Victor Kovalenko, a vivid example of the optimal ratio of area homes and land area is a cottage "Belgravia, which incorporates the elements of the settlement and class" business "class and" economy ". In the village all the infrastructure meets the business class, the distance to the village - 7 km from Kiev, is typical for Business Class. On sites of 5 hectare are duplexes of 170 square meters, as the acreage increases, and built-up area. In the areas of 10-25 hectare constructed homes to 287 sq.m.

What house can be built on the site, and what not, regulate building codes: construction regulations set out the rules by which the minimum distance from buildings to property line shall be not less than 3 m, and the distance between neighboring houses - at least 15 pm "When we plan the future construction of the village, we are guided not only the requirements of SNIP and planning codes, we also try to place the homes in such a way that it looked aesthetically pleasing, and of course "- said Alexander Sas.

Flexible Business Class

As a rule, the higher the class settlement, the more it square homes and land. But, as noted by Victor Kovalenko, with the advent of the crisis has shifted away potential buyers for homeownership smaller areas. And now the most popular sites on 12 - 15 hectare area with houses 200 - 300 square meters. m

"For the residence building area shall not exceed 30% of land area and total area of ??the house should be no more than 30% of land area", - said Alexander Sas. According to him, taking into account that the building site, as a rule, is not limited to the main house, buildings can occupy about 10%, but the land area in this case should be 25-70 hectare or more.


Distance from Kiev also affects the area of ??the site and most of the structure. "The further the village is from the city, the lower the value of the land, so it is possible to implement projects on the spacious grounds, without prejudice to the price of the final product", - says Alexander Sas. Everything happens on the contrary, if you are approaching the capital. The developer understands that sell plots of 10 hectare in the village business class, where the cost of one hundred square meters close to $ 3000 will be lighter than 20 acres, because the price difference is substantial, and the buyer is unlikely to want to overpay, - said Victor Kovalenko

The expert also noted that if the area of ??land in the villages of business and economy is directly proportional to the distance (the farther, the more), then with an area of ??houses is an inverse relationship, because business-class includes the great house, and the economy, by contrast, is smaller. Victor Kovalenko believes that to realize the near Kiev projects economy-is illogical. Here are developing a more expensive price range, the area of ??land in which corresponds to a class settlement.

More remote villages, customers choose to testify, and not for permanent residence. Therefore, removing it makes sense to build houses a small area.

The format of the village and area ratio determined by the master plan. If the master plan failed, the developer may lose up to half of the projected gains.

Developer may lose very much if he also drew the credit for the project. In such a case is possible, and loss of control over the project, including the transfer of control of financial flows to another organization.

When you select a wrong concept developer loses not only the price of objects, but also in the pace of their implementation. And it's not just about money - an error in this ratio jeopardizes the entire project.

In case of error in determining the optimal calculation of the ratio-house site, the developer will have to make discounts. In each case, the loss of money for the builder will be different. At the very bad outcome, if at all sites are not bought, the developer runs the risk of losing everything.

Most of the developers is the amateurs and have only one (the first and last) development project, it is understandable that they repeatedly make the conceptual error. Typically, this leads either to a sharp decrease in profit, and sometimes to a complete halt in sales.

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