How do external factors influence the structure

09.10.2010 00:02
Articles about real estate | How do external factors influence the structure External factors affect not only the nature but also on human welfare, living in the house. Bend in the river, the shape of the passing housing rack, size, shape and direction angles of the neighboring homes could disrupt the harmony of even the most favorable flow of qi. Therefore, when planning the house should carefully consider all the external conditions.

The following rules of feng shui can help you avoid negative externalities.

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* The house must not be called a facade to a T-shaped or Y-shaped road.
* Location of the house at a dead end road is considered to be unfavorable.
* Front of the house shall not be U-shaped road or river bulge toward the house.
* The house must not stand face to the funeral home or cemetery.
* The house must not be converted to a church or temple.
* The house must not exceed the facade on the chimney or the water tank.
* A large tree, or support the power lines, standing in front of the house, are considered an unfavorable factor.
* The house must not be a facade to the hospital or police station.
* Adverse factor is the angle of the roof neighbor's house, pointing to the facade of your home.
* It is undesirable to have a house so that the back side of it is a river or canal ran.
* Try to locate the house away from the overpass.
* The house should not face towards the bridge.
* If in doubt, consult a feng shui master as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary expenditure.
* A favorable location is considered to be at home in a beautiful natural environment.
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