How are prices for suburban property?

31.08.2010 09:20
Articles about real estate | How are prices for suburban property? "Worldwide, one of the most profitable investment of funds is real estate.
Therefore, in Ukraine and the construction of houses and cottages in the suburbs of major cities and regional centers is a popular area of investment ", - said director of consulting company" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko.

Buy or build a house on land bought predlagayutagentstva real estate, builders and developers of cottage townships, so it is a clear distinction between appropriate and inappropriate quotations folds on the market value of suburban real estate objects.

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Location suburban area
Since today is the construction of houses on all adjacent to the mega-cities and large towns in the Territory, the location of the land or finished home its value will depend first and foremost.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "a little saving on the purchase of a remote area of the city, you are more than make up for it saved the cost of gasoline for trips to work and back, while buying a house in the suburbs will be significantly more expensive, but would not entail excessive transport costs.
The cost of land and houses depends on the environmental situation in the area, the availability of natural water reservoir and a popular destination. "

Infrastructure area as an important factor in pricing?
Manager Portal Victor Kovalenko believes that "the presence or absence of infrastructure in a cottage or a holiday village can have a decisive influence on the choice of the buyer. Despite the fact that homes with painted engineering services are more expensive compared to the uncomfortable cottages, most buyers would choose ready to move in a house, than save for comfort.

Contractors or independent construction of houses - where the profits?
Those who can not be the right choice: buy a ready home in plots with or buy the land and themselves in it mastered - Victor Kovalenko advised not to engage in self-construction, particularly if the goal is not only to become the owner of the private summer home, but spend is as little as possible money.

"Career building summer houses for ready-made takes much less time, nerves and require less expenditure. While individual construction cost is not economically"-sums up Victor Kovalenko.
Viktor Kovalenko

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