How and what affects the value of suburban real estate?

03.04.2011 16:27
Articles about real estate | How and what affects the value of suburban real estate? Two identical sites do not exist, it does not happen, and two identical houses. Nevertheless, in suburban real estate is quite clear and understandable factors shaping the demand for these or other objects. We asked experts to assess the impact of various factors on the price of an object in percentage terms.

Major pricing points that have maximum impact on the cost a bit. This is the location of a house or plot, the type of settlements and related infrastructure. Among the priorities as well - land area: about 12-15 hectare.

Location is everything

REALTORS converge in the main - if you buy the land the most important criterion is the place. Practice shows that people, if they do decide to have a house in the country, primarily choose exactly the place, and only then - the project and construction technology at home. Among the parameters of good location of the plot is important above all, its remoteness from the city and the quality of the entrance to the site. Desired distance to the city - no more than 100 km. Areas that are farther 150-200 km from the city to sell the debt, and the price of such options are generally lower than similar facilities in stokilometrovoy area around St. Petersburg.

In second place - availability of necessary communications or the ability to have them in the near future. And, according to realtors in popular destinations are selling well at home, "demolition" - just as a place for future construction projects: in spite of the costs associated with dismantling the home, communication at this site certainly has ...

Availability of engineering infrastructure necessary for all social groups, but the minimum required varies. So, for home-class "business" of no small importance is the presence of gas, and for the "economical" dachku enough electricity or running water behind the gate.

Only after these two requirements to the site in the list are good ecology, which includes the scenic places and sites, most of all - the existence of a river or other body of water nearby. Even better, if on the outskirts will be the forest - the truth from the waters and woods near by, other things being equal, the buyer may refuse, especially if plans to build a home for permanent residence, but still relatively inexpensive. But lately more and more into account the surrounding area of ??assimilation - in particular, is built around it (preferably - no noisy neighbors) and some towns nearby.

Of course, the higher social status has a buyer, the more carefully he would choose a place in the country house. For the middle class is very important to their status, because they will not be built next to the crooked house with their choice of residence will be due not only to future neighbors, but also public opinion.

By the way, the reluctance of side by side with "Vasya-tractor" is often not just a matter of snobbery, but a practical arrangement of life. So, people are often the same circle on the stage of construction can agree on a joint improvement of roads or the organization of protection, covering several houses. In this case, it is clear that most of the villagers are unable or unwilling to pay for installation of new water pipe or clearing snow from driveways, because they have no money or they just got used to existing realities.

But for the middle class much smaller role played by the status of land - gardening or private habitation. In the end, furnished garden with relevant neighbors may be no worse than the "individual residential buildings" with the same set of amenities.

House for a pig to be a fortress

Pricing parameters for the house are somewhat different than for an empty plot. In the low-cost segment of homes for permanent residence in the first place there is such a factor as the degree of readiness at home - the people most interested in houses in villages or townships. Buyers want to buy solid house with a sauna or with a certain set of failed communication to him - must be at least light and water, preferably - gas and sewerage. In the same class of residential real estate matters is registered in the locality, that is highly valued status of land for private habitation.

Furnishings important factor is the material of the walls. Thus, when considering the two are similar in size and layout of objects and more prestigious, and - as consequence - a more expensive and interesting option would be executed in brick. By the way, the age of homes is also very important: buyers prefer sites are not older than 10-15 years. Houses 1960-70's construction buyers are not looking too eager.

Of course, an important factor in favor and remoteness, but the market for homes in this case is clearly divided into two segments: all the objects that are located less than 40-50 km from the city, now seen as a home for permanent residence, or at least a year-round recreation, the have the possibility to travel not only on vacation for a month, but over the weekend. And in the "villa" of real estate can be considered a much more distant options, up to Novgorod and Pskov regions, as well as the Volkhov and Tikhvin District of Leningrad Oblast ...

Naturally, within the zone of residence buyers pay great attention to and quality of roads and social infrastructure development in the relative vicinity of the future residence. Store, to call the ambulance or quickly get to school - all this is not the first, but by no means the last item in a set of criteria by which to assess future purchases. As for the "thrifty" and for "expensive" clients priorities - safety, comfort living children a comfortable life. Other options do not actually exist. At the same time, most likely, will have all the important social infrastructure in the complex.

Nice view for moderate money
For holiday options for a much more demanding than the proximity to infrastructural facilities, is home to the proximity of water and woods. Even in the post-crisis time for the rest of country people tend to choose the scenic spots, just to pick up a beautiful view at a reasonable price they are willing to go for 150 and even 200 kilometers.

Emphasize the importance of the form realtors and buyers of expensive villas - the lake in close proximity, the proximity of Lake Ladoga, or, in extreme cases, a pine forest. Never mind that after buying them over the summer never swim in a nearby pond, and take a plane ticket and to go to sea, or organize on their site pool. Buyers, however, will still act up and want to "get a good view, it is desirable - on the water.

In contrast to the kind, least of all, according to experts, today the cost of facilities affected by the presence of "highlights" that were claimed on the eve of the crisis for cottages class "business" and above: exotic pond with carp, a reconstructed farmstead or chapel nearby helipad or fields for paragliding - on the market today are "chips" could be remembered, but is unlikely to lead to a deal.

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