How Alsou 5 times demolished house

18.10.2010 00:02
Desire to have a client - a rich client. It would seem that he has so much money that he is ready to make a mess of just the wind, as in a joke: he bought a new Mercedes, because the former filled ashtray ... But if only it were that simple. Often, a rich client - he's the most whimsical. And for every customer paid for. e. have much to sweat.

Five times - to be demolished
The first "episode" is associated with a great name singer Alsou. The story I told a friend who happened to hire for repairs in the apartment of the same workers that worked on building the home star. Despite the fact that earlier Alsou studied and lived in London and regularly resides with his family in Los Angeles, it had the capital and property, including outside the city - to leave Russia for good artist is not going to.

According to the workers brigade, suburban homeownership Alsou repeatedly undergoing fundamental changes. Like, just build a roof of a house, start to finish - as returned from a tour hostess. And not just check out how the building - and make adjustments. To do this, Alsou has already visited with the package of new projects, construction schemes and plans. Obviously, during a tour she came into my head new ideas and "dream home" takes on entirely new shape.

As a result, almost ready to demolish the house had ...! Naturally, the bulldozer, up to the base. And not once, but, they say, as much as five times! True, the workers are recognized, such oddities were peculiar only to the star zamuzhestva.Teper obviously becoming respectable lady and getting rid of the breezy character, Alsou, finally, completed his cottage.

Dissatisfied with the sky

The second story, perhaps, seem innocuous compared to the fivefold demolished house. But it can be classified as "cute quirks" owners exclusive apartments.

It is no secret that many buyers of expensive real estate for themselves tend to purchase a house without finishing, so everything done to your liking and, above all, exclusive. Very often, the factors to achieve individuality become not only the original plan, antique furniture or toilet with a remote control (just kidding), but also painting. This painting or mural, created by hand and painted directly on the wall (nothing murals ...) decorate the hall or living room and remembered by the guests. And maybe even become a subject of envy. The main thing - that artists are not pumped up.

One lady secured to the painting in the house treated very tenderly. And ordered a ceiling painting in the hallway as a blue sky with racing clouds ... "Let us!" - Promised to decorators. And they did ... Everything as it should be: the sky - here is the sky, clouds - that's you and the clouds, please! Almost like in the picture ...

The hostess also demanded: "remodel, nothing!". It turns out that cumulus clouds do not fit into the romantic concept of the hallway ... I had to scrape the ceiling and re-create the "sky" - just have a light, feathery clouds.

Elite draggle-tail
A third story to tell for contrast. It tells you about that other rich person is not something that is not capricious, but manage to do without such things without which life and a very simple person.

Once there was a family. Income allowed her to live in a big way. Another eight years ago the family bought an expensive apartment in a luxury home, as usual - without finishing. Gradually gained a comfortable dwelling species. Over time, the hostess wanted to update the kitchen set. Trifles she did not - select a set of kitchen furniture and equipment worth nearly a million rubles. Former headsets she decided to sell the "poor relatives": it was not worn and could have someone else serve.

The purchaser of the old headset was a married couple - friends of mine. When my husband went to his car to take out furniture, the owner of the elite apartments and now opened a luxury kitchen with small talk, regaled with tea. After a long tea ceremony, a guest wanted to visit the bathroom. Imagine his surprise when he discovered in the bathroom ... bathtub! And even the shower! Toilet, of course, was there, and not the cheapest. A bath - naturally was not.

The buyer was not kept and the headset as it were a matter of interest: how does it this way - life without a bath? The hostess explained that in his time, when moved into the apartment, renovated so much tired of all that would have to move just as quickly as possible, and the bathroom to finish "later on." In the meantime, the hosts went to the local bathhouse. And ... are accustomed to. So until now, and walk. Maybe it's the world's only elite apartment without a bathtub. Maybe (and probably is), we simply know very little about the life of the owners of luxury homes. Certainly happen curiosities and cleaned it.

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