Housing the level of «business» in Kharkov falls in price

14.07.2011 13:43
Articles about real estate | Housing the level of «business» in Kharkov falls in price During the June 2011 quarter the average price. m primary residential real estate in the city of Kharkiv has decreased by 0.21% - up to $ 1.12 thousand largest price decline on the month recorded in housing "business class" - on 1,43%, reported in the Analytical Services Group of Companies "proconsul" (Kharkov).

According to the company, at the beginning of July 2011 the primary housing market have been recorded following the cost of housing classes:

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"Premium" - 1735 U.S. dollars.
"Business +" - 1240 U.S. dollars.
"Business" - 844 USD.
"Economy" - 683 USD.

Over the last month reduced the average cost of square meters. m primary residence is fixed in the homes of "business class" - on 1,43%, "premium" - on 0,01% and the "business + class" - 0.02% growth of the average cost of square meters of housing has been fixed in the homes of "economy class" - at 0.46%.

'Negative dynamic value indicators in the segments of "premium, business + - and business-class" was due to the appreciation of the USD, as well as introducing new special offers "- specified in the company.

According to GC "proconsul," June was marked by significant recovery of activity is not the primary operators of residential real estate market of Kharkov. Was resumed the construction of residential complex "New Shatilovka" Company "Makrocap Group" (Kharkov). OOO "SK" FORT-POST "Ltd. and" FC "Respect Stroyinvest" put into operation the first set of LCD "Youth" economy-class, located on ul. Tselenogradskaya, 48, Kharkiv, close to metro Alekseevskaya.

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