Housing prices in Spain rose

29.12.2013 00:30
Articles about real estate | Housing prices in Spain rose From June to September 2013 average house prices in Spain rose by 0.7%. This was the first quarterly increase in three years. Such data are the Board of Notaries of Spain. It is reported portal Spanish Property Insight.

Mark Staklin expert portal Spanish Property Insight, explains why this increase can not be considered a sign of stabilization of the real estate market in Spain.

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First, it only quarterly growth . More important are the annual figures . In the same year -on-year house prices in Spain still continue to decline and are now 7.9% lower than last year.

Secondly, the number of transactions is now so small that the average price can easily fluctuate up or down due to the small number of transactions. Therefore it is difficult to draw conclusions from these data .

Third, the price increase was due to the sale of new homes , most of which banks sold at higher prices because of the possibility to provide buyers with the best credit usloviyapo .

And finally , according to the Department of Housing , housing prices in Spain in the third quarter , on the contrary , decreased by 0.5 % and not increased . So that the market depends on the source statistics.
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