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26.10.2010 18:04
Articles about real estate | Housing for the elite Approximately 1.2 million square meters. meters of housing were built in Moscow by October this year, said Mosgorstat. By 2011, must pass for about 1.8 million square meters. Developers am trying to revive demand for mortgage assistance.

Banks to lend again began buying a home and even new buildings during excavation. "Banks are back in this business, the population there is a choice" - said Deputy Chairman of the Board of Nordea Bank, Andrei Maltsev. But most of all "mortgages for new buildings in the Moscow" - a credit from accredited contractors. Affiliate programs with banks is at all major developers and real estate agencies.

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Its cheaper
For example, the VTB 24 in 2010, the quarterly volume of mortgage loans compared with 2009 increased by 2,5-3 times (up to 8.6 billion rubles. In the III quarter), conveyed through the press service of Deputy bank president George Ter-Aristokesyants.

In Moscow, "VTB 24" cooperates with almost all the major developers. Some, such as "System-tack" and "Don Story Invest", received special conditions for clients, in particular reduced by 2,5-3% rate compared with the standard.

According to the commercial director of Sistema-Hals Natalia Saakyants, over a third of buyers of apartments in the residential complex "Sun" (the price of 1 square. M - 130 000 rub.) - Mortgage holders and the rate increases. "

Press office of Don Story Invest "reported that the" number of calls, including the purchase of mortgage-growing, but deals with the use of credit funds was not yet - on sale opened quite recently. " The minimum price offered for sale in four new buildings, Don-Story Invest "- 112 500 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

Effective demand is not strong, confessed to Maria Litinetskaya, CEO Miel new buildings, but buyers of apartments "accreditation" can get a mortgage already on the zero phase of construction.

Cheap expensive
According to Miel-new buildings, the primary market in August - September, offered about 280 addresses. "Supply reduction compensates for the output of new projects" - explains Litinetskaya.

For example, PIK has resumed construction of the "English Quarter", "Bitsevsky", "protected corners", "Teply Stan and a few other sites, the report says the company. But, as one of the realtors, the "frostbitten" house has a bad reputation: "As long as people do not see that the object is ready, do not go to buy, even if the 10 cranes at the site cool."

PIK to stimulate sales launch promotions - usually confined to specific calendar dates, said spokesman Dmitry Ivliev. For example, the entire month of September (the month of birth of the company) apartment in Moscow sold for spetstsenam will be discounts for the New Year, go and point the shares to specific addresses and types of apartments.

According IRN.ru, rapidly diverge at the price of economy class new buildings up to 100 000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m. "Therefore, the developers of [such objects] have raised the price" - the report says IRN.ru. According to "NDV-estate", in April, two-room apartment in a 81-82 square meters. m finished NPP in the 8 th district housing Tsaritsyno can be purchased from 5,800,000 to 6,200,000 rubles. in October, it has already sold over 7.5 million rubles. in November will be even more expensive. In Bogorodsk "minimum price of 1 square. m now 94 thousand rubles., New Year's developer plans 20% increase.

But sales of more expensive apartments are rare, analysts say IRN.ru: often for their recovery requires a good bargain and discount. "Massive discounts on apartments are in an elite segment or those developers who are dumping much of the need to quickly get money. And since the maximum discount on the market - 5% - objection Altukhov Gregory, Adviser to the President of FGC "Leader". "But the return to the past, when the apartments themselves were selling themselves, not" - recognizes Hope Cat from IntermarkSavills.

Waiting for change

Real estate market requires Taser, one put Realtors. Will his policies of the new mayor, who has already stated that it is necessary "to determine which objects in which areas of Moscow to build in the first place" (quoted by RIA Novosti)?

Altukhov said that Moscow recently interesting proposals: "Maybe someone because of the change of government is trying to throw off the platform." According to the president of Renova Stroygroup "Veniamin Golubitsky, his phone is still not" may burn "of such proposals, but the company to Moscow just took a great interest:" We are looking for a site for complex development. "

All three residential facilities that are now Tashir develops in Moscow, were purchased as "distressed assets", said Irina Kagramanova, director of external relations. "Gas Oil City (total area - 207,000 square meters. M living space - 85,000 square meters. M, the price of 1 square. M - from $ 12 500) and" Dirigible "(100 000 sq. km. M of housing sales has not yet opened) built near the office of Gazprom.

The advertisement Tashir encourages customers to buy "a house next to the job." LCD "Kronstadt" (43 000 square meters. M, from 129 000 rub. For 1 square. M), purchased from his unfinished person, already half sold, says Kagramanova. And declares that the company continues to explore the market.

Litinetskaya said that advises several companies who have decided to take industrial zones, but these projects will start no earlier than September 2011, to obtain a building permit is difficult, but "without the developers are not at risk of entering the market."
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