Housing estates with the same interests - a new model of residential environment

07.09.2010 04:38
Articles about real estate | Housing estates with the same interests - a new model of residential environment Search for new models of residential environment - that's something to work today, developers and architects around the world. Find one that is optimal for all option is unlikely to be possible, but to offer comfort and easy projects that will have to taste like the Europeans and Americans - a task that many developers on the shoulder.

Case settlement - one of the areas who are interested in humanity. Living environment just for retirees, pilots, ecologists, extreme ... Consequently, their requirements are house projects and developing are walking zone, built infrastructure. At first it may seem that such experiments are far from the needs of domestic of development, since the modern buyer is important that it was "cheap and cheerful", and without any frills. However, as penetration into the essence of passion in Western society, it becomes clear: they are new - it is our well-forgotten old. In Russia, more precisely, in Moscow and Leningrad region, has already created something similar - albeit in the middle of the 30 th of the last century. Moreover, "the remnants of the former and to this day can be found on Rublevka, Minsk highway and south of Moscow region.

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"According to legend, Joseph Stalin, to somehow encourage distinguished themselves in combat pilots, has offered to choose a place in the suburbs, where they would like to live - says Anton Arkhipov, head of the office Sretenskaya Department of suburban real estate company INCOM-Realty. - So on Ikshinskom reservoir appeared settlement "test pilot", where many famous pilots built their summer residences. Perhaps it can be called one of the first settlements of "interest" in the suburbs. However, this format of cottage settlements are not too common among buyers and developers.

Three years ago at a conference on real estate, where they discussed prospects of development of suburban housing segment, the Russian developer company, which has been very creative consultants, presented some very interesting projects. One of them was a settlement for lovers of light aviation - the plans could see the runways and private homes. Particularly admired the fact that on his own plane could literally drive up to the porch of the house, almost like a car. Participants of the conference report, to put it mildly, amused.

Incidentally, in Florida there is a settlement, which is called Jumbolair, the well-known fact that there lives an American actor John Travolta. His - not Travolta, of course, but the settlement - hardly a cottage settlements, but the plane it naturally stand next to houses, on the threshold of which can be immediately taxied to the runway, going through the village. And live in these houses mostly retired pilots.

Again in the USA there are many Ecovillage, one of them - Serenbe, lost in the woods of Georgia. All the houses there were built from environmentally friendly materials and equipped with energy efficient appliances. In addition to residential buildings in the settlement are shops, offices, restaurants, and farms where grown one hundred percent organically grown foods. The motto of the settlement: "If you want to change the world, start with your home.

Many in the New World and towns for retirees, with the format "55 +": that is, property they may buy only those over 55 years. Everything has been designed for comfortable living elderly person, and one of the conditions and at all looks to the rest of humanity Draconian - children under 19 can live in the village of not more than 30 days a year.

"We should not forget that in the U.S. the dominant community type of accommodation, - said Natalia Kats, managing director of the agency's exclusive property" Manor "- when people of the same nationality, prefer to settle together, because the United States - is a multinational country. A classic example is the Russian Brooklyn or Chinatown in every major city in America. Besides, such a "life interest" is often due to the peculiarities of state taxation. For example, retired people prefer to settle in states with low taxation, particularly in Florida. To speak of that in the U.S. has a settlement, for example, yoga enthusiasts, it is impossible " .

"In the U.S. settlement of interest are not of mass character, - says Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL-Residential Real Estate. - In Russia everything is going in a different way. For example, my friends, wanting to live together, buy a few houses in one village. Or, say, a settlement "Monolith", where the houses were bought only by members of the club "Monolith". Also, representatives of different national communities prefer to settle in the neighborhood, but the whole village, they still can not redeem. In the U.S. much easier "placed" in a concentrated form, as social level representatives of various groups there equivalent, and housing is much cheaper, and is not a luxury item. "

In Russia, corporate settlements for employees often built commodity companies. They are often moved into their employees from remote regions. Several settlements of this type is on the Kaluga road, among them - "Red Ear". In the 90 years of last century a group of companies "Bridge" was built for its employees a corporate village "Chigasovo. Here are just some of the thematic infrastructure such as assembly or studios it was not, people united only place of work.

Towns of interest in principle, can be described such that built on the "big water" and have in their infrastructure yacht clubs. Basically this is housing for those who can afford not only an expensive yacht, but a villa in millions of euros or dollars. However, such projects initially have a certain specialization to attract a certain layer of buyers interested in yachting, skiing and golf. And this initial specialization is the key of the entire concept, which, as a skeleton, strung all the other things. However, the purchase of housing in this village and continue living in it - very expensive.

"If you compare two similar settlement, one of which is" normal "and the other with the theme of infrastructure, then, of course, the cost of houses in the latter will be slightly higher - warns Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra-Real Estate." - This the operation of such a settlement Bodo leave more funds, which significantly increases the monthly cost of its residents. Despite the occasional presence of such projects, they can not be described extensively in demand. Highly developed infrastructure entails heavy costs of villagers, even if the objects are largely self-sufficient. In addition, it is most often affects the extra costs of the finished sites.

So buyers are "thematic" property - it is usually rich, weary of the mundane life of people with non-standard way of thinking, of which in Russia, it's not so much. In addition, the acquisition of such homes is not their first "real estate purchase. Even if they agree to buy housing in the new settlement, especially in times of crisis? The question that few can answer. Therefore, Russian developers have decided to follow the path of least risk, bringing new proposals to nothing. Economic crisis does not allow them to think creatively and to offer shelter for the elite. On the agenda towns economy class, without infrastructure, and all sorts of clubs on interests. "Although, of course, this idea has a right to exist - sure, Vladimir Yakhontov. - But the investor or developer is now launching a project in such a concept would not, as this will significantly reduce the potential of his project implementation. Although there are other examples: for example, there is a program of resettlement of war, and there are many developers who want to get into this program. "

"Unfortunately, when a large volume of supply and little demand, you can not sell these" thematic "ideas - continues Jeanne Lebedev, head of the country real estate company WELHOME, - and developers are glad to any purchaser, regardless of the type of its activities. However, there is a settlement in Zhukovka, where the lucky owners of houses were the representatives of the political elite, but it is less a marketing ploy, and the circumstances. Estimated value of houses is around $ 20-40 million. "

So, is it possible in today's Russia to implement the settlement, based on the concept of which would be one or another human hobby? Most of the developers answered that question in the negative. First, the first will need to collect a proactive group of people who would want to buy all the houses in this settlement, in principle, is unlikely. Secondly, it is essential that they have the same financial opportunities, and good, because low-income housing in Russia is not building. And thirdly, because I need the fans of light aircraft or golf to live in one place? Is not it easier to go for entertainment outside the settlement?

"In my opinion, a hobby should not occupy the whole life of man, - said Andrey Vyatkin, executive director of Marshall Estate. - Today, almost every family has a car that allows a specific person or family can easily come to the club with the same interests, "not to choose their place of residence and rest on the principle of walking distance to this club." Theme "for the same settlement may be quite expensive infrastructure solutions, or natural features of the location, affecting the cost of land, long known and successfully used by developers: water, ski slope with a lift, golf, etc. And do not forget about the villages, which can also be called a theme, but not interest, but in the architectural concept - it is all known villages where implemented the idea of similarity with houses typical of a country, city or era. For example, "Barvikha-2" and "Barvikha Club", repeating Mediterranean architecture, "Belgian Village" and other famous projects.

In fact, such projects attract buyers interested in its original architectural design, tending to personalizing their homes and originality of its execution. But it is not necessary that the people at the same time will bring it a country or its way of life. However, what we do! Especially the original proposals for suburban real estate market now, there is no or virtually no: in the yard is still a crisis, and there is not to be original.

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