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04.11.2010 19:00
Articles about real estate | Housing estates near the water Who would argue with the assertion that residential estates and townhouses, located near the water have a degree of expressiveness of the landscape area, which can give only appease the water surface. Waters is particularly charming, thanks to the reflected in the water mirror pensive trees. Become the master of suburban real estate, which is located near the water is uniquely effective solution. Among the many directions of Moscow Region, "Water" are considered to Leningrad, Volokalamskoe, Novorizhskoe, Dmitrov and Pyatnitskoe highway.

It is difficult to give any one of them priority, since each of the areas has its own characteristics. For example, Dmitrovskoye direction very organically combines ponds and hilly terrain, thus creating a unique landscape. The Leningrad Highway peculiar forest areas, which adjoin the Klyazma reservoir and channel them. Moscow. Canals, lakes, reservoirs - Pestovskoye, Ikshinskoe, Uchinskoe Pirogov and Pyalovskoe - responsible for the peculiar world of suburban life, which is determined by the phrase - cottage villages near the water.

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Yacht club as an advantage
Among the many advantages that have cottage villages in the water surface, there is the presence of yacht clubs. For example, a yacht club there in the cottage Pestovo in Dmitrov direction. Located near the reservoir Pestovskoye he has a special expressiveness through the cascade of inland lakes. This is the charm that creates a special attraction of individual cottage settlements. The presence of a yacht club with Elling is one of the conditions for increasing the liquidity of cottage settlements, and their mixed type, allows to increase the target audience of potential customers. Creating a suburban yacht clubs in the villa communities and requires well-developed infrastructure, so these settlements differ increased comfort and a high level of service.

Ponds with fountains
Of course, yacht club - this is a distinct advantage, however, in fairness be noted that to build residential estates and townhouses, near the water easy enough. Therefore, many investors have resorted to the creation of artificial ponds, which, incidentally, have no less attractive. Sufficiently skilful combination of an artificial pond and fountain. If you follow the Chinese saying goes, then pouring the water you can watch endlessly. Apparently guided by these, cottage village has 3 blue pond with fountains, which allow for long enough to observe the flow of falling water.

Beach vacation
Can not but mention beautiful beaches and the possibility of fishing. Yachting perfectly coexist with fans soak up the sunshine. Particular attention is focused on the possibility of establishing a children's beaches since the development of infrastructure requires the creation of a comfortable hanging out for all residents of the cottage settlement. Creating the cascade lakes, causes particular pride. Forest parks, which successfully coexist with picturesque lakes create a special landscape area, and the addition of the original bridges, it becomes incomparable flavor. Difficult to say that in this case is primary, unity with nature, or a comfortable life.

Especially the planning of cottage settlements
Housing estates and townhouses near the water belong to the premium, so it is not surprising that the architecture of the village is its hallmark. Single architectural style, this is perhaps the least that can offer architects. Typically, residential estates and townhouses, located near the water is not being built on the principle of the "window to window." When construction takes into account the rule that even the most remote cottage on the water, should be able to observe the scenic view.

Therefore, properly planned housing estate near the water - is the rule rather than exception. Of course, the cost of a cottage with land in this case will be determined not only to house area and an area of land, but by the distance from the water. In this case, the most appropriate would be the construction of mixed types of cottage townships, ie, cottages and townhouses in your price range.

In conclusion, I would say that the cottage villages, which are built in close proximity to the water demand customers. And demand, as we know, breeds supply. So often the proposals and the secondary housing market. Buying houses or town houses near the water, customers are willing to pay not only for the comfort and well-appointed conditions in the country, but also a way of life, style and status, which allows them to confirm their own achievements and successes.
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