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19.06.2010 10:55
<strong><em>Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) Lev Partskhaladze talked about the project of mass housing economy class.</em></strong><br /><br />It provides for the construction of typical four-story buildings with apartments from 25 to 70 square meters, the cost per square meter in a house will vary from 400 to 450 dollars.<br /><br />Thus, one-bedroom apartment would cost 12 000 thousand dollars.<br /><br />"Housekeeper" will meet the minimum requirements for living, and they will be constructed of high quality modern materials, have a European plan, are also planning to use energy-saving technologies in lighting and heating. Since this will be at home the economy class, the elevators and parking lots are not provided. According to forecasts, the construction of a house takes about four months old.<br /><br />For successful implementation of the project to create a state enterprise, which will act as the construction client - says Leo Partskhaladze. It will operate under a new program for citizens of Ukraine affordable housing and thus be able to get free land for construction with painted communications.<br /><br />In addition, the creation of such a state enterprise will help to avoid red tape and will have more confidence in the population, which is now in no hurry to invest in real estate, for fear of fraud.<br /><br />Only through the creation of a state enterprise can control the prices of social housing, as well as the distribution of preferential apartments - convinced Leo Partskhaladze. He proposed to establish the profitability of such enterprises at the level of 3-5%.<br /><br />In case of transfer of the project to private companies to control the construction and apartment prices will be very difficult. In addition, private companies are more focused on the construction of luxury real estate, and the project "housekeepers" was not a big profit.<br /><br />When you create a state or municipal enterprise customers to avoid corruption is also unlikely, since many possible manipulations with the issue of land by local authorities, as well as over the distribution of social housing. Therefore, one of the main tasks in this project - to prevent shadow schemes for obtaining land and the distribution of apartments 'among ourselves'.<br /><br />Ukraine is now a great shortage of cheap housing, so UBA counts on the support of the authorities in this project. As stated by Leo Partskhaladze, in the coming days will see the land for the construction of two or three pilot houses. To implement the project intends to lure Lev Partskhaladze credit 1,5-2 billion hryvnia.<br /><br />The first building will be constructed in one of the satellite cities of Kiev, and in the long term "housekeeper" will be built in all areas. By the way, everyone who wants to invest money in this apartment will be able to see it with my own eyes, to assess the quality of the materials used, since the first house will function as a permanent exhibition.<br /><strong>zagorodna.com</strong><br />
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