Housing construction in the suburbs of Kyiv: pros and cons

16.09.2010 10:39
Articles about real estate | Housing construction in the suburbs of Kyiv: pros and cons According to the director of "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko, Kyiv is built in more than 100 new buildings. Most of the IX in Kiev-Kiev, Boryspil Brovarskom areas and some developers are limited to the construction of just a few houses, others have far-reaching plans.

Plans for the construction of the Kiev region and has power.
In Kiev, the cost per square meter is much higher than in the regions. Minister for Regional Development and Construction of Yatsuba set up to help municipalities. "There's more difficult to find credit" - he said.

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We reported that the leadership of the metropolitan area has expressed its willingness to allocate land for the projects of construction of cheap housing. A plot for Boryspil, near the village Hotyanivka.
The Ministry is also planning this fall to provide affordable housing pilot project in Kiev.

Unarguable advantage of building in a vacant plots, which can not engage in "Point" building and building blocks, and neighborhoods - even satellite towns. And permits issue here yet and easier and cheaper.
However, not all that smooth. Among the obstacles to building in the Kiev region experts call the opacity of the land market and the moratorium on the sale of land.
Also doubtful that developers can and refrain from the temptation to squeeze maximum profits from land obtained free of charge. Altruist among them very little.

Potential buyers of housing in the suburbs of the capital should not forget about his "cons". Among them - poor public utilities. After renting a house operation it is likely to serve local ZHEK, and you can expect appropriate mistechkovoho service. Kommunalschikami wanting money for garbage collection, building playgrounds, not to mention repairs. Rents will also be clearly higher than in the capital.
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