Housing at 4000 per square meter will be built in 5 cities of Ukraine

26.01.2011 20:03
Articles about real estate | Housing at 4000 per square meter will be built in 5 cities of Ukraine Chairman of the State Agency for Investment and management of national projects Kaskiv predicts that in 2011 in five cities of Ukraine will begin construction of housing, the cost of which will be 3-4 thousand hryvnia per square meter.

He said this in an interview with the government newspaper "Kurier Uriadovyi, commenting on the national project" Affordable Housing ".

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"It is envisaged that the cost of such housing will fluctuate within 3-4 thousand hryvnia per 1 square meter. In 2011, the scheduled start of construction of such housing in Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkov, Lvov," - said the chairman Gosnatsproekta.

Moreover, he noted that this national project is a social program of affordable housing for professionals from the scope of the strategic priorities of the state, as well as participants in the program to adapt the Crimean Tatar people.

According Kaskiv, cheapening the cost of housing will be achieved through new technologies, the elimination of corruption component model and implementation of public-private partnership.

He also said that interest in this project have shown almost all regions, and in the future it will be implemented in other cities.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov announced an agreement with developers to establish the average housing prices in Kiev in 8000 hryvnia per square meter, and for social housing - 4 thousand hryvnia per square meter.

In December 2010, the primary market of real estate of Kiev the average price of residential property has increased in comparison with November at 0.1%, or 8.6 hryvnia to 15 817.4 thousand hryvnia per square meter, of Odessa - remained at the level of November - 1 17 thousand dollars per square meter, the city - remained at the level of November - 7,5 thousand hryvnia per square meter, Kharkov - has increased compared to November at 0.4%, or $ 5 up to 1 thousand 120 dollars per square meter.

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