House-»small car»: cheap and cheerful

07.09.2010 12:32
Articles about real estate | House-»small car»: cheap and cheerful It seems that the stagnation in the housing market still has a stimulating effect on the creative idea of the builders. And among the many stroykompany finally discovered one that guessed offer customers a housing beneath the Kiev - if not a stone's throw away, the 20 minutes by shuttle bus to get there - by inconceivable until recently prices - from $ 17,3 thousand think: Now it's long-awaited super-expensive alternative to Kiev apartments and did an expensive suburban cottages. However, almost immediately in such an optimistic thought emerged and two traditional question: why is such a low price and where is the catch?

APARTMENTS Block House. The above ingenious company offers customers "2-storey apartment block in the House. If you specify the word "block house" on the Internet, search engine instantly gives you a lot of links to information about the incoming new fashion in interior decoration materials. So now the question is not about him. "Block House" in this case is called a group of several (4 to 5) is closely facing a number of houses. This group is very similar to already known townhouses, but there is one significant difference. Classic town house - a complex of low-rise buildings, combined with side walls. And in this "block-House" between the side walls of adjacent houses have a gap of 5 cm In fact, each such "flat" in the block-House is a separate cottage with attached 1,3-2 weave (included in base price home). Just to a playground, where you can park your car.

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Construction period is 3 months. Such a short time (like a certain extent, and low prices) due to applied technology - frame and panel. At her house wall collected at the site of the final panel. Figuratively speaking, they represent a multi-layered "cake", which is used as a layer of mineral wool or foam. The company argued that the thermal protection of the panel correspond to 2-meter-high brick wall. Also, multi-layered design panels in itself provides good sound isolation. In addition, the houses face each other blank walls. Eurowindows and doors - all contribute to noise insulation. But, of course, are so close to each other, more likely to experience discomfort from the noise of neighbors than living in some big areas.

PRICE MATTERS. Payment is made in stages. First, the customer makes a down payment of $ 5 thousand (of which $ 2 thousand for the land on which to build a house). The first step is designing the house (10% of the total cost). This is followed by pouring the basement walls and manufacturing plant (40%). The next 30% will go to the delivery of the walls on site, their assembly, the construction of the roof. The last 20% will be paid for the installation of windows and doors, exterior finishes, installation of utilities.

Houses are rented with piped electricity, running water and mains divorced, but without interior fittings. The price also includes the drilling of wells, installation of water supply station and the construction of sewerage. It is assumed that one hole and one station will be enough for the entire block Hausa. But the sewers will need to do for each house. Connection to water supply and sanitation facilities will add to the base value of the house $ 2000.

SOURCES Inexpensive
The first factor, which provides relatively low cost of projects under consideration, quite obvious. As the saying goes, "size matters". All of the cheapest houses are really small.

The second factor has already been mentioned - is a modern frame-panel technology. She not only by itself significantly cheaper than traditional technologies, but also due to a sharp reduction in construction time to avoid "freezing" of financial resources (not so important to somebody - his, mortgage or already taken by the customer). And such a "freeze", as is known, is one of the typical factors of cost, construction projects.

In this respect, interesting to compare the construction of block-houses with construction looks similar to their townhouses. It seems as clear that to build town-house easier and cheaper than equal to the total area of the block-house, - a marked difference in the consumption of materials and time-consuming construction of a common, actually - inside the walls on each pair of cottages and two external walls. This is on one side. And on the other, on the contrary: the construction of houses in the block-House can be cheaper and easier. Why?

The fact that the townhouse had to build "full", regardless of how many houses are already sold out of it: all five of five, or only three, or even one. Worse still, by setting prices for apartments in the town house, construction company, in general, just does not know how fast and how many apartments will be sold. How, having sold a single apartment building five? Therefore, the price will be reflected and the cost of borrowing money (needed for construction), and the risk premium to remain with unsold squares.

Houses in the same block-House can be built independently of each other, as soon as customers with money. Moreover, the company actually has nothing to lose, even if the customer, at some stage, will not have the money to continue construction. Moreover, the payment is made in stages, if there was a delay with the money, you can quite safely take a break. There is no need to lay a big price premium for risk.

In the presence of a large number of citizens in need of housing, with all the advantages of the described projects, queues of eager buyers in the office of the company offering them for some reason is not observed. On the contrary. Customers, of course, there are, but, frankly, a little bit.

NO MONEY. Of course, you need to make allowances and the effects of the crisis, which, as usual, most struck not the most social strata. The man, who two years ago, laid out like two or three dozen of thousands of dollars for a small house, now that money, in most cases, no longer has.

HEALTHY conservatism. For our people, the usual material for low-rise construction - is a brick. With regard to new technologies, in our region, as one of the characters popularly favorite movie, "it is a new and undeveloped. The vast majority of people did not seek the ranks of the pioneers of the new test, those who are doing something wrong, like everyone else. Yes, frame-panel technology - it's interesting, yes, this much has been written and convincing, but then build everything? Everyone so far built of brick. Brick House looks stronger and more durable (though argue that the resource panel-frame house is 100 years old, but who in our area have seen a century of panel-frame house?).

NOT "feel". Even more conservatism and caution is natural when it comes to the block house. Let's start with that today, the buyer can not see with your own eyes is not a single house built in the block-House. Have been started there, finished yet. When they finished the first of the block-house, where buyers can see them at home "alive" in the literal sense, touch them, then take a decision about the order they will be much easier.

The second floor is NOT POTANTSUESH. Moreover, we must take into account the fact that the block-houses have some features which in the eyes of buyers can be presented serious shortcomings. Thus, to ensure a comfortable life in these small-sized houses, a large value may have full use of the second floor. For example, in the project area of 51 square meters, the attic has 20 sq.m. But the 20 meters in some sense be regarded as a full second floor, but only as "exploited attic.

The fact that the construction of block-houses used "light" of the floor structure. Therefore, half of the second floor in the block-House is designed to load only 150 kg / m (unlike 250kg/kv.m in the cottages of the same company). And if two citizens of moderate condition they please on the second floor of a block Hausa to dance in an embrace something rollicking, the consequences could be very exciting. That is to say, and the dance floor and second floor of the gym contraindicated. But for the organization of a quiet family bedroom second floor may be quite appropriate.

Constantine Ryapolov, Today
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