Houses near Kiev in demand in the market long-term lease

05.09.2010 10:45
Articles about real estate | Houses near Kiev in demand in the market long-term lease In the segment of the country real estate near Kyiv, there has been a trend away from buying houses in favor of their long-term lease.

Ukrainians refuse to buy homes in favor of their long-term arendyOb said RED CEO Andrei Goncharov.

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According to him, interest in the acquisition of ready-made country cottages in the ownership of their lease. "Demand for buy hampered by the lack of mortgage lending, the expectation of further price reductions and cautious attitude toward the prospects of cottage townships, many of whom do not yet have claimed developers infrastructure. In such circumstances, renting a cottage for a period of 3-6 months, many seem more attractive," - says said.

The most popular trends today Goncharov calls Obukhov, Odessa and Boryspil, slightly inferior to them Zhitomirske (especially areas surrounded by woods) and Vyshgorod (along the shores of the Kiev Sea and gums).

Ceychas greatest activity in the market suburban housing is concentrated along the Zhytomyr highway because of its good transport links, communications development and harmonious natural environment. But the neighborhood Obukhov, experts say, has lost its former popularity. "Here, because of the density of buildings and intensity of the inflated prices of the market started to decline in 2007. During the crisis, the trend only increased," - he explains. Odessa and Brovarske direction, according to experts, is losing because of poor communications, under Borispol no beautiful landscapes.

According to market participants, "weakness" Vyshgorodskiy and Borodyansky areas are transportation problems. Residence of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Mezhigorie near Vyshgorod simultaneously increases the prestige of the local real estate and creates kilometer traffic jams.

As noted in the material, the priorities customers during the crisis has significantly changed. Thus, according Kostetskii share of investment gains are less than 20% of the total number of transactions (before the crisis - at least 50%).

By mneniyuNovikova now customers no longer attract small plots up to 12 hectare, which for a model project built "mansions" of 500 square meters. pm meet consumer expectations in the 15-50 hectare plots (for high-end segment - up to 0.5 ha) with houses of the smaller area (100-200 square meters. m) for individual projects and with additional engineering solutions (eg, avtopolivom lawns, security systems, climate control).

As previously reported, in July 2010 the number of deals on renting luxury apartments (from $ 3 thousand per month) increased by 13% and amounted to 39,7% in the total number of transactions lease luxury real estate.

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