Houses in Bulgaria are 20-30 thousand dollars!

29.10.2010 05:21
Because of the crisis, prices have fallen so much that the house on the coast of Bulgaria, were sold at a price of 20-30 thousand dollars. If three years ago, the cost of such houses is 150-200 thousand dollars - but today, their real value rarely exceeds 50 thousands, and sometimes does, is 20-30 thousand.<br /><br />Experts advise to use the fall of the market and buying property in Bulgaria on crisis prices, yet they exist. Because the market sooner or later will go up, and then, the house is bought for 20-30 thousand, will cost at least 200-300 thousand dollars.<br /><br />Previously, the value of land on the coast of Bulgaria varied from 40 to 50 euros per square meter. Since 2010 the demand for land in the region dropped significantly and square meter of land was sold at a price of 15-20 euros. I recall that it land on the coast and in the pre-crisis time to buy it - was a big success?<br /><br />Experts predict that by 2011 the value of real estate in Bulgaria goes up dramatically, and at home, purchased sometime in 20-30 thousand will be sold for 150-200 thousand dollars. Therefore, experts advise buying property in Bulgaria right now, for the crisis prices.<br /><br />
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