House with ghosts attract more potential buyers

06.11.2010 18:53
The majority (57%) of Britons will not buy housing, if they knew of any "stories with ghosts" associated with this property. Nevertheless, 51% of Britons would like to look at these houses and would definitely signed up for his show. " These are the conclusions of the study, which was held by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, says the network edition of Property Wire.<br /><br />Less than half of homeowners (40%) are willing to part with their property because of supernatural phenomena. Almost one in ten homeowner (13%) said that in his house lives a cast. Another 12% of respondents admitted that they are so superstitious, that will be willing to postpone the deal, if on the way to the realtor they will go the way a black cat.<br /><br />Legends about ghosts do not contribute to sales - says one of the directors of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Steve Reid. - In these houses people walk out of curiosity, without a purpose of its acquisition. Therefore, the owners of such properties often sell it at a large discount. "<br />RBC Real Estate <br />
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