House under the key: how to prepare for the transaction

24.10.2010 00:03
The first thought that comes to mind a man who wanted to acquire their own home - an issue: Ready to buy a house or build your own? Option purchase homes under the key looks tempting: does not seem to be wasting time and nerves - paid and live. But we must keep in mind all the pros and cons for each option, whether it concerns building turnkey or site selection for construction.<br /><br /><strong>Himself foreman</strong><br />Those who at least once in their lives engaged in construction alone, understands: the constant change of contractor crews, painful regular visits to the construction markets and shops, the continuing jitters will be your companions if you choose this option at least a year. There are cases when even an ordinary repairs beginning to cause major family quarrels, let alone build a house ...<br /><br />Buying a house turnkey removes this danger: the finished house on it and ready, that it immediately after purchase you can enter. In periods of holiday rush, when the country house rented for the summer in the middle of winter, buying a house under the key for some has become an excellent outlet: a person acquires the property and at the same time getting scarce then the opportunity to spend the summer at the dacha. Now rent a house much easier, but at home turnkey still enjoy high demand.<br /><br />Among other pros at home under the key may be called calmness for the legal side of things. You get the house key under a developer or a private individual - in both cases, all documents in the house is already furnished, otherwise the deal simply can not take place. But the paperwork at home that you built yourself - a separate entertainment, implying a close friendship with the local administration and a bunch of legal documents on shelves and under the pillow.<br /><br />In addition, buying a house in the village of turn-key, you will receive in addition to property management company and even then there will always be the one who can make claims for the quality of the house (usually the UK owned or associated with the developer).<br /><br />Mistakenly believe that buying a house turnkey deprives select the desired architectural style or location on the map of Moscow region. Now the market is developed so that any direction you are likely to be able to choose a house under a key that is right for you. Importantly - in advance a list of demands to the house and set priorities.<br /><br />And this is what can truly be called a house minus key, so it is a fact that is not always hidden defects homes can be identified at the examination. Quality home will manifest itself only in the operation, so that in some sense the choice at home under the key - is to buy a pig in a poke. Less dramatic, but, strictly speaking, the only one.<br /><br /><strong>Where to go?</strong><br />If you have decided on the decision to buy your own house, it's time to decide on its location. Selling homes is over all areas near Moscow that gives you the freedom to choose, but also makes it difficult to make a decision. If your goal - a successful transaction for buying and selling a country house, be prepared to multiple stages of selection.<br /><br />First, the choice of the highway. Here we must consider two main issues: the proximity to urban housing (if buying a home does not involve the sale of city apartment) and the goals that you pursue your purchase. If you need a status house - it Rublyovo-Uspenskoe (where sale of houses are concentrated in their former owners and new building - an exception to the rule) or Novorizhskoe (in this area are selling houses just basically just built or being built).<br /><br />If the goal - maximum savings, then pay attention to the east and south-east: the cheapest homes are sold at the Gorky, Egorievsk, Shchelkovo directions, but alas, they are also the most unpopular with customers. Dmitrovskoye direction well its ecological conditions and an abundance of water, Leningradka - is constant traffic jams, Minsk and Mozhayskoye highway traditionally been a place where dwells the intelligentsia, Kiev and Kaluga areas - suburban business-class ... to list can be long, but we must keep in mind: each direction of its reputation, and realtors, and developers involved in the sale of homes, mortgage, this factor in the price of the house.<br /><br />The choice of the highway - it's just the beginning for the transaction of buying and selling homes; further you will need to determine the distance from the city. If you plan to come often in Moscow, it is better to stay on the 20-kilometer zone from Moscow (this must be understood as the selling price of homes in this area of the maximum). Typically, choosing a house for residence customers, working in Moscow, interested in a zone of 15-30 km from the ring. True, the ecological situation in this band is not the best in the suburbs, on the other hand, even if the house is located far from the city, but in the wrong place (it should take into account the wind rose and the location of businesses in the region), with the environment will also be a problem.<br /><br />The next stage - the site selection or the choice of the village. Here we must take into account many details: the reputation of the builder, and parameters of plots, and the house designs and materials, and infrastructure level. Keep in mind: often, offering you sell the house for an all-time low prices, companies are simply deceiving you. Most likely, in the village would not be communication, even if they promised. And to live in a house without communication, even if you made the purchase and sale at a very low price, you can hardly.<br /><br />Compared with what has been 3-4 years ago, at the town market witnessed dramatic change, nice for those who are important when choosing a home of its cheapness. Developers have massively turned face to buyers interested in saving. This is certainly good news: if you want to buy a cheap house, you now have to choose from. However, the plethora of difficult choices and confusing: how to understand what is behind this or the name of the house, which sold low-price segment?<br /><br />On average, a cheap house looks like this: up to 200 square meters. m square area no more than 10 acres, located at a distance of 30 km from Moscow and beyond. Himself "the average cheap house" built of foam concrete, faced with stucco or brick. As an option - using removable formwork, and "sandwich" technology. But "the average temperature in the hospital" - not something that should be guided by making a choice, whether it's cheap houses or something else. Real diversity of houses ekonomklassa very large: it is at home in the village and cottages, and townhouses, and duplexes, and cottages just cheap.<br /><br />And do not think that all the cheap houses skuchkovalis at some undervalued territory. Indeed, the east and southeast suburbs are considered to be areas where the proportion of low-cost houses is particularly high. But on almost any road you can find villages and individual houses economy class. Often cheap houses side by side within the same village with elite residences.<br /><br />When choosing a cheap home, keep in mind: town house, as if he painted you a seller - is an extended city apartment with a small green lawn in front. Duplex - two-family house, and finished duplexes in organized settlements is not so much. House in the village - it is also a weak infrastructure and the likely low level of security. Cottage - too cheap house, but, unfortunately, is not suitable for living. In a word, putting at the forefront cheapness of the acquired facility, prepare for the fact that some requirements for an ideal home would have to sacrifice. Maybe it makes sense to pay attention to quality housing, but at 50-100 km from Moscow, and maybe buy a half hour from the city, but the house will bring to mind their own. In any case, cheap house does not mean a bad house. And now there is a choice of anything.<br /><br />If you already have a concrete house, which has become yours, you can rejoice: you have already overcome many problems. But still too early to relax and: the deal for buying and selling homes - also in a sense test. How to conduct a transaction of purchase and sale of the house, what to look for and can do without a realtor? Read about it in the next article.<br /><br />
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