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25.11.2010 00:08
Articles about real estate | House starts from the ground Home construction begins with the choice of housing. "Good," the land till it gives a person a good harvest, and errors in choosing the site can negate all your dreams. The childhood of many of today's candidates in the homeowners went to the grandmother of six acres, this childhood dream, which took shape in maturity plans.

But at the time of the gardening boom 70-80-ies such serious issues as site selection, did not exist. The townspeople took whatever they gave, rashvatyvaya plots of six hundred square meters in the marshes of the "nuclear zone" on the 101-kilometer. That's where today there are thousands of suburban tracts. And as the land allocated between companies and departments, the gardener does not feel lonely, because next develop its share of acres colleagues. Gardening was one of the most successful "national projects» XX century. Gardeners served food program, growing at 60 degrees North latitude, not only potatoes but also melons with eggplant, rested on the city's communal apartments, well and grandparents wanted to retire, not only to grow cucumbers, and grandchildren. And remember, at school, in classes on civil defense explained that in the event of enemy attack classes canceled and we will go in trucks and buses on the 101-km. Dacha.

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Today in the forests of 101-kilometer settled not just gardening, but also very comfortable (in the projects and promotional pictures) cottage settlements. Moreover, in practice they often represent a vacant land, united by a common master plan (the purchase of plot in this array, we will talk with a lawyer on with. 50). But there are questions that go far beyond law.

Before building a house, choose a neighbor. It's not just folk wisdom, and one of the most important rules of the future homeowner. In most areas, suburban development historically "professionally-territorial" division survived to this day. From the past came to our horticulture industry (all kinds of "militia", "Intermission", "Culture", "Architect" ...) "departmental" (with the kernel, which was a activist of any thriving enterprise). Offers homes and land in such arrays are rarely found in the property market. The chairmen of these associations and cooperatives generally tend to offer plots "their". Some say long-term queue wanting to buy a cottage.

Perhaps in the near future we will return to this villa tenor of life. Offering a piece of land in the cottage, the developer uses a streamlined advertising phrases like "homogeneous social environment", "decent neighbors, and sometimes even more curious:" a settlement for people held "(give me a corner of my eye to see them!). As a result, four-meter fences adjoin an academician and a bandit, a banker and attorney. And mayutsya unfortunate that the guests have nowhere else to go. And if you suddenly have a happy holiday thug shooting? ..

Meanwhile, I give the idea of landlords and developers: check out the nearest town-forming enterprise and ask its representatives to create a co-op cottage on your land. Moreover, the enterprise may not necessarily be the plant, and, for example, a successful mass media, cultural institutions, the bank ... In any thriving organization, there are people, not just dreaming about his dacha, but ready to put his dream into reality. Suggest a "pioneer" areas with good discounts - it will pay off.

In the socio-professional team uniform suburban man with an active lifestyle is something to discuss with their neighbors. In addition, household and institutional issues suburban farms there also resolved much easier. For example, before the amorphous homogeneous social environment a person is not ashamed to be a non-paying mutual funds or launch site, overgrown with weeds. Prior to "own" would be a shame. And if you live on a nearby cottage immediate supervisor? So in nature and yet a raise you can ask ... It's clear that in the process of joint development of any of the "right people" to sell his land. But the developer and it will benefit: word of mouth (when the site owners themselves picked up his neighbors) would be his best advertisement. But at the same time the first step towards the formation of a homogeneous socio-professional environment. And when we have a settlement bankers quarter siloviki, cottage cooperative of musicians, journalistic village cottage athletes, development of cottage suburbs will go in very different pace.

But do not take things literally. If you're not an athlete, a fan - you are a sports town is also a place there.

Philip Urban, editor in chief
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