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30.07.2010 17:47
Articles about real estate | House Sean Carr and Eugenia Tymoshenko Five years ago, an Englishman Sean Carr left his homeland because of love for his wife Tymoshenko and moved to Ukraine with a dog Salem and bikes. He called himself a simple guy and rocker who screams into the microphone. Today, Sean has remained true to his principles!

He has not parted with the dog made friends with the Ukrainian bikers and deals with music. And yet, as on the first date, regularly gives her husband loved white roses, and assured that, thanks to Gene found in Ukraine, a second home. What is he - House Sean? Famous rocker showed "BLIC" his family's nest.

Chaos - this is our main tradition - the story begins, Sean Carr on his family life. He met us in the non-replaceable image: jeans, t-shirt and cowboy boots. Sean communicates in his native English. - I am constantly engaged in music, Eugene - Festival "Назустріч мрії. The rare moments when we can be alone, come in the evening.

Star spouses live in a country house in Koncha-Zaspa. "Since our new home here, little had changed, adding only pets - Sean smiles. - I still care about your four-legged friend of Salem, who appeared in my puppy 10 years ago. The then owner of the dog gave it to me to keep an eye on the weekend, and he went to America and as you see in the end ... Even I have a live cat Mirabella, a German shepherd Lord, just charming mongrel and the Wolf. "

Predator moved the couple Carr two years ago. He gave close friends. Sean, without thinking twice, gave him the nickname Chuvak. "Before this, I learned a new Russian word" dude ", I remembered one more word" dog "and joined them. It turned wolf Chuvak. He, like a dog, good and faithful, protects the house "- said the host, playing with a wolf on the lawn.

Then, Sean spends in his mansion. The premises are made in the English cottage style. Everything is made easy and at home. Furniture is similar to the old. The living room arranged around family photos and fresh flowers. "I try to be the defender of our hearth and a good husband for Zhenya. Flowers beloved bestow quite often, mostly white roses "- recognized Carr and lead us into the kitchen. "When I'm home, it has been here more often. Prepare love and know. I prefer dishes of European countries. As for the main "players" Ukrainian table, such as soup or dumplings, I'm afraid I was here they overfed. In the early years of eating them almost every day. And now, only on holidays ... "Talking about klatches with his famous mother-in-Timoshenko Sean refused. "I can only say that now, when her little more free time, we see each other often. I call her "mama", and we communicate in English, but in Ukrainian, I understand a lot more than he can say. But still learn Ukrainian.

As an avid motorcyclist, Carr bragged and two stories. Both single brand Harley Davidson. One - for Sean, the second - for Genis. However, his special pride - a music studio, which is built near the house. "By the fall I want to finish the construction site - opens the plans Sean. - Without exaggeration, this studio will be one of the best in Eastern Europe. Naturally, my team DVS will rehearse here. In addition, the studio doors will be open for other musicians.

Talking about his work, Sean joked: "I go on stage and yelling into the microphone. As different take on luck, it's crap, at least, before the concert and blew in his pocket steeper. However, I believe in ghosts ... Sometimes to me in a dream come spirits of the great rockers "(smiles).

Performances, rehearsals take away almost all his spare time a British son-in Tymoshenko. But he assured that his wife Eugenia is not jealous of his work, on the contrary, very supportive. "To be honest - I miss my home in Yorkshire every day. But thanks to Gene, I found in Ukraine, a second home, here are my friends, my team. Favorite amazes me the understanding and generosity, as well as something else than, but of this I shall not say, - Sean laughs and shows a tattoo dedicated to his beloved. - I paid a tattoo on his arm two years ago - here's initials EC (Eugenia Carr). But only me and Jack can get it, so to speak, to decipher. But look into the future Carr does not like, explaining briefly that it is now in his own happy. The main thing that my heart was peace and quiet.

Business: as a child he helped his father maintain the family shoe business. Previously, like in Ukraine open a shoe store, but changed his mind. "It is unlikely that this will bring here the desired profit" - he explains. In 2009, Sean Zhenya opened in Kiev restaurant Ciro's Pomodoro. This week, opened in Odessa entertainment center Ciro's Pomodoro Beach.

Credo of life: "Never give up!".
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Congratulations to you both Sean and Eugenia. I am involved in the feat to free and restore Yulia to her rightful place at the helm of Ukraine. I should chat with Eugenia regarding overthrow of the current regime, so I can brief Hilary on the plans for the very near future.