House Plants and Feng Shui

15.08.2011 01:15
Articles about real estate | House Plants and Feng Shui According to feng shui plants - these are living creatures that symbolize the life and development. All pets are sources of green energy Qi and positive impact on the situation in the house. If properly applied, of course. Talking about it, we'll talk.

How to use houseplants:

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1.If you dream about family and children, remove the plants from the bedroom. There is no place for them. If you want to decorate a room, put it in a fruit bowl. For example, pomegranates are a symbol of fertility and help with conception.

2.Kolyuchie plants are best placed outside the home, but as far as possible from the door. In the house of them will not benefit

3.c plants grown on the technique of bonsai, you must be very attentive. Stopped growth may hinder the influx of energy into your home.

4.Zhelatelno to the living room there were always fresh flowers - they bring wealth and good fortune. However, the dried flowers store is not recommended. Once the plant is beginning to fade, he must get rid of.

5.Suhie or dying plants can bring trouble. Feng Shui Experts say that instead of positive energy in the house will come negative.

6.Nekotorye plants can take away energy or cause allergies. Before buying a plant, listen to yourself - so if you need it. It is possible that you do exotics to anything.

7B bathroom there is no natural light source, which means that many plants may die there. Let the flowers will be in other rooms of your home. The living room and dining area plants would be best. But in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, it is not the place.

Plants and People:

Scientists already know that plants have thought. They may feel, absorb your emotions and affect the weather in the house. Choose plants for the soul, and then the weather will be warm and kind.

If your family members are sick, perhaps it's time to plant a lemon tree or Aloe. These plants emit a lot of oxygen and promote healing.

If the home are frequent quarrels and fights, get a ficus. This plant puts out aggression and anger, but also sets a positive way.

If you are a creative person, to settle in China rose window. It helps in the search for love and muse.

Are you going to visit friends? Bring a sprig of jasmine. This plant is a great gift of friendship and family.

Outlines some new things or just indecisive person? Note the violet. It is believed that this flower makes people more open and helps in the beginning of many things.

You are envious neighbors? Ivy removes emotions of envy and not let them get in your home.

Treat the plants with love and they repay you in kind. 
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