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20.02.2010 16:17
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Building a house of clay requires more time, but the result will bring great joy to the soul and preserve the health of its occupants. Clay are used in construction for centuries. In Europe, preserved clay structure, which for a thousand years. Previously, the clay was very popular, so was one of the most affordable and cheap building materials.

Today it is used little and usually for specific purposes. Daredevils who would not have been too lazy to see the advantages of materials based on clay - unit. On the other hand, had prevailed in the construction of a headlong rush - only to quickly build and offer customers a new house. Fortunately, the rush is over. It is time for wishing to acquire the house once again became more picky and cautious and want to get really good quality housing.

Experience and knowledge of environmentally friendly construction created the prerequisites for the wider use of materials containing clay. House of clay "breathes" and keeps people's health.

There are many good properties of clay, which help create a healthy and comfortable conditions for human life. Used in the construction of housing clay regulates humidity in the range of 40-60 percent, thus reducing the amount of dust in the air.

Building materials made of clay do not cause allergies, since the clay itself acts as a filter, absorbing harmful substances. In addition, the clay surface does not hold static electricity.

Since people most of the time in the kitchen and the bedroom, it is desirable in these areas use of clay plaster and paint.

The kitchen is even a property of clay - to absorb the substance. In some of my friends kitchen is decorated with clay plaster and painted with a light clay color. For a whole year at the bright paint does not add any dark spots, even though this wall are a gas stove and sink. Just clay gradually "absorbed" all the spots appear.

Clay is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. Its use can reduce energy consumption during construction, to connect energy from the sun.

Clay and wood are perfect and complement each other. Stay in the clay preserves the tree, ie protects it without using toxic chemicals. Old buildings demonstrate how well-preserved wooden structures in the clay walls.

Clay is almost one hundred percent can be reused, enabling future generations to use this construction material again. It is important that the construction waste in the use of clay is formed, it can be without harm to nature back into the environment.

Often ask how durable clay construction. In Europe, a lot of mud houses built 150 years or more. Properly constructed clay building durable and lasting. But there is one snag: clay makes no streams of water, so the exterior walls should be covered by a tree or a lime plaster.

For the construction of houses made of clay can hire the firm, and you can do it with my hands. If there is enough time and desire, we just have to find a wizard that will guide the construction site and to educate the construction. If you build a house yourself, you will lose time, but clearly win the money.

Interior walls can be constructed of compacted clay or dried bricks of unbaked clay. Embedded in the walls of the pipe, we can solve the problem of heating homes, and building a massive wall - use them for storage of solar energy.

The remaining walls can be constructed of a light clay. The only place where this material will not work - wall shower and bathtub. Of natural materials there may be advised mineral materials.

Interior finishing materials can be purchased as well as to make himself under the guidance of the wizard. For solutions used mainly clay (or lime), milk and wood chips. Instead, chips come in useful as straw, flax or hemp fibers.

Clay plaster can be applied directly on the wall of a light clay. Using various techniques, you can create unusual topography. Made of clay and floors.

At the current pace of life people are losing touch with each other. Building a house out of clay - a wonderful excuse to gather friends to their own hands to create something completely new and remarkable. This work gives the opportunity to experience the feelings that were familiar to our ancestors.

Building a house - this is the case for the whole family, it can be to attract and children, giving them a sense of ownership of the common cause.
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