House near the forest and water: an object particularly close attention when buying

09.10.2010 12:24
Articles about real estate | House near the forest and water: an object particularly close attention when buying In recent years, land prices dropped, so the buyers the opportunity to purchase plots, which were previously unattainable price. According to the realtors, the most attractive - plots with forest trees and located close to forests and lakes. However, the purchase of such sites should be handled with special care.

Told the magazine Metrinfo.Ru Eugene Golubin, Managing cottage village "South Lake", the most experienced buyers primarily evaluate not only the land value, and not even the presence of communication, and the place where the plot. And here comes to the forefront the presence of forest and pond.

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Expert illustrated this assertion by the example of his company. So, winning a place has become one of the main reasons for the success of sales in the village "South Lake, which lies between Simferopol and Kaluga highway away from the busy highways, surrounded by woods. But unlike other towns, it is - the only town in the south of Moscow, located between two lakes. For almost 80% of customers 'South Lakes' this fact was crucial in making a deal, - says Eugene pigeons. 2 / 3 customers who are really looking for the perfect place for a country house, returned to him, looking at options in other villages. During 2009 - the first year of crisis in the South Lakes was sold 77 plots, and this - in the absence at that time, roads and communications.

Risks prestigious areas

But the purchase of prestigious land, so to speak, "with a twist" at risk. The first risk - buying the land whose use is restricted by the law - Forest and Water Codes. The second - a clash with a rigid regulation approvals and construction.

What do the buyer? Require the developer related documents. More about that.

According to Yuri Sorokin, Vice President Group of Companies, Partners of the Earth ", the basic document with which it is desirable to find a buyer - a master plan for the territory, where the housing estate and selling land, showing all the assignments and encumbrances. Master plan approved by the authorities of regional and local authorities, and required for execution.

All documents on the land, which is a gated development also undergo approval. This allows us to minimize risks and avoid them in future. According to Ekaterina Orlova, director of marketing for "Ain Development", they also include findings on ecology, radiology, RTN, environmental impact assessment (assessment of environmental impact), SES, Rospotrebnadzor, as well as government institutions, directly examiner waterbody - Federal Water Resources Agency (Rosvodresursy) if the site is located near the water protection zone.

In particular, Ekaterina Orlova said that the settlement "River", the company received from Rosvodresursy conclusion, which stated that the Water codec the land, burdened by a special regime of economic and other activities. But according to Article 65 EC to claim 16 of the Russian Federation, within the ROW "allowed the design, construction, renovation, commissioning, operation, economic and other objects, provided equipment such facilities facilities, which provide protection of water bodies from pollution and depletion of water" . As a result, the settlement project was designed with all the restrictions and regulations.

Alexander Bogdanov, head of the legal department of Veles Capital Development, "recommends that buyers necessarily require the seller cadastral passport, which allows you to define the category and the permitted use of land. However, the expert noted that the document contains only information about opportunities to build, but the site may also be other restrictions.

Land near reservoir is particularly attractive

For example, with respect to sites located near water, installing more regulations - it's water-protection zones, coastal protection zones and coastal strips with various restrictions on their use, depending on the type of water body or its extent. According to the Water Code of the Russian Federation, the width of water protection zone of rivers or streams depends on their length. If a small stream - up to 10 km, the water protection zone of 50 m in length from 10 to 50 km - 100m, where the river flows within 50 km - 200 m. The width of the water protection zone of lakes and reservoirs are also set at 50 m.

Also, buyers need to know what is the width of the sanitation. Such information will help you understand whether it is possible to use the land plot and what area of land that is allowed to build a house, - says Alexander Bogdanov (Veles Capital Development ").

In the mandatory list of documents that should have the builder is also included acts of government to change the category and / or authorization of the use of land - if they have changed; reminded the experts of "Logis - Residential Real Estate."

Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center corporation "INCOM", drew attention to the fact that when buying a plot in which there are ancient trees, you should check whether the developer documentation on the property of the land, whether land or agricultural status IZHS refers Does the site to land SFF. And if true, it means that the seller took it out and get it in the property buyer will never be able to.

"So before you go deal, you should refer to consultants who will analyze all the title documents for the possibility of building on a specific selected area" - the Council, Alexander Bogdanov (Veles Capital Development "). However, experts of "Logis-Residential Real Estate, believes that a conscientious developer is obliged to notify consumers about possible encumbrances on the building site. Otherwise, the buyer should think about the cancellation of the contract.

The documents of all good and what's next?

Obtain all necessary documents on an attractive site - it is an important aspect of the transaction, but the future buyer will have to exert much effort to build up their land and did not violate the law. According to Dmitry Taganova (INCOM), according to the Water Code of the Russian Federation within the allowable proximity to the coastal zone (up to 150 m from the water protection zone) are allowed to build homes only in accordance with sanitary norms: cottages must have a central water supply and sewerage. "In the water protection zone, which according to all of the same Code, is not less than 50 meters, build nothing is impossible", - he said.

The most problematic - forest land. Possible deal with forests are regulated by the Forest Code, under which forest areas are prohibited to sell and buy, but you can purchase a lease for 49 years. Term lease agreement is determined in accordance with the term of authorized use of forests, forest management regulations envisaged. It is important that law-abiding tenant, upon the expiration of the lease has a preferential right to conclude it with a new term.

The use of leased forest areas is strictly controlled. In particular, imposed a ban on large-scale construction that makes this area unprofitable for the developer, - says Dmitry Taganov (Incom). Therefore, the implementation of major projects, for example, the construction of organized cottage community, it becomes real only after the withdrawal of a plot of forest resources. However, the procedure is complicated, requiring the permission of forest area, a positive assessment of environmental impact assessment. In general, examples of withdrawal of a plot of forest resources and translate them into a category for private habitation, - unit, said the expert.

Yuri Sorokin (SC Partners of the Earth ") believes that violations of environmental laws can be divided into two groups: intentional and unintentional. For example, when the house is no sewage treatment plants and sewage poured directly into the pond or the owner started building water-protection zone, it can be considered willful. By law, those guilty of violating the forest or water law, shall bear administrative responsibility And even criminal prosecution for violating the law does not relieve perpetrators from the obligation to eliminate the violations and compensate for environmental damage. An example of the second group of risks - it is when after the conclusion of the transaction changes the status of the territory. For example, a man bought a piece, and then his territory included in the environmental area, but such cases are rare.

Summary log Metrinfo.Ru

House on the lake or in the woods - a beautiful dream. However, that she realized, besides money, and you need some knowledge. Prestressing worth to check the documents of a company that sells parts. Well, if the company is all right, it does not mean that the buyer is now free to do whatever he pleases. Construction and operation of the house in the woods or the water is regulated, and these rules must be observed. Because it is fun to live in nature must be paid.
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