House in stone «skin» appeared in Germany

22.01.2011 09:00
In Germany (city of Augsburg), built an unusual house in many ways. The author of the project was Titus Bernhard. One of the tasks that the architect was a revolution of local poverty, which he completely failed.

The house has a small footprint: only 9 of 9 meters. However, construction has become the first in the history of housing, which is used in the construction of "gabion fronts." Prior to that gabions were used only in landscape architecture.

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The new home of the gabions all the details of the facade, and even roofs. For the construction took about 365 metal baskets, and about 4 thousands of stones, total weight exceeds 22 tons.

Structurally resembles the decision device vodopropuskayuschey leather sheath made of gabion structures of concrete boxes. As a result, the water penetrates through the "stone skin, trickled down the most natural way. It does not require any special drainage and drainage structures. House receives a large thermal inertia, ensuring comfort and good energy conservation in winter and summer.
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