Hot Prices on the burning ground in Russia

17.08.2010 11:35
Articles about real estate | Hot Prices on the burning ground in Russia The fire seriously adjust your pricing to the suburban real estate. One of the main criteria for selecting the site now is at what speed to the village can get fire calculation. The correspondent of Radio Vesti FM Lyudmila Shaulina examined new - postpozharnye - trends in the market of real estate near Moscow.

Shaulina: pessimistic forecasters: summer 2010 - the first in a series of hot and dry. Egorevsky, Shatursky, Orekhovo-Zuevsky, Gryaznov, Lukhovitsy, Dmitrov district - now these areas - sources of potential danger. Sales rose in the east suburbs, says General Manager Communication group "Zemer" Ilya Terentyev, - there is no demand. In the secondary market hosts sites throws up to thirty percent. In the primary - cottage villages and lands without a contract waiting wishing to save money.

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Terentyev: If you previously eastward lands worth about a million, two hundred million, it was possible for 2 million to buy, now you can buy plots of 600-700 thousand more or less decent place.

Shaulina: But the situation is temporary, experts say, is still alive the memory of the fires. In general, the east will be cheaper by 10 percent. But the areas in the vicinity of peat buyers will not soon, says the head of the analytical center "Where is the realty Alexander Pypin.

Pypin: I have a feeling that the pumps to spend some time and then will be disconnected. Again, if you make permanent flooding, it could lead to flooding of some areas. Many of the plots were allotted in place of former peat bogs. Even in the current situation, even without flooding, such sites before our eyes go down, that is, somewhere along the half-meter ground level sometimes goes down on such sites.

Shaulina: The prices in wealthier areas will grow in inverse proportion to 7 percent. Land to the west may be almost twice as expensive than in the east. If Novorizhskoye home economy-class area of 150 square meters with a plot of 10 hundred parts in 40 km from Moscow will cost 9 and a half million rubles, at the Gorky - 5 million. Not only the direction and distance from the capital now affect the cost, says Alexander Pypin.

Pypin: It is necessary that the site was closer to the centers of civilization that has been operating in the vicinity of the fire, first aid station. Formerly a very important criterion was the proximity of the forest, because it was considered very environmentally friendly, now, this factor becomes quite a different sound.

Shaulina: Other sound acquired and construction technology, be sure CEO Miel - Investing in low-rise construction "Oleg step.

Step: The flammability was and remains one of the main criteria. It is clear that the wooden building technology fire risks. People think about it, and make choices towards a brick house, the more so because now we can boldly say that the construction cost of the stone house is approximately equal to the cost of construction of wooden houses, but certainly inferior terms.

Shaulina: However willing to build from wood fires are not scared, says vice-president of the National Agency of low-rise and cottage construction Sergei Nilushkin. On the ground, fires, in particular, has already begun construction of houses made of wood.

Nilushkin: According to our information, our corporation has already signed contracts for the construction of 40-50 houses in different regions. When fires of this magnitude are burned all the houses, and brick, and wood. Wooden houses they used, and will be in demand.

Shaulina: Absolute calm reigned in the summer and the market rent suburban real estate. Smoke, covering all suburbs, forced citizens to reconsider their plans for the summer. However, this is temporary, experts believe. It is expected that within a year the situation will return to the previous level, and even begin to rise activity. Unless, of course, not confirmed the worst fears of climate scientists.
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