Realtors shared «horrors» and incidents from their practice

02.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | «Horror» and the case of realtors Experts from real estate agencies share memories: swimming and unscheduled inspection of the house, turning the cremation. Realtors often give a blunder , but often troubles happen and not their fault . The Telegraph spoke about the most ridiculous and funny situations from practice estate agents .

Richard Gainer , Savills
" The owner of the house was a very attractive lady , declaring that she had lodged a ghost. On my statement that I do not want to know about it , she replied, " But it's a very friendly ghost : it appears only when I take a bath ! ""

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Gender Kokerhem , Knight Frank

" One day after the home inspection my car keys fell into the pool. Truant After futile searching I had to undress and dive for them. Imagine what picture had to watch owners who view subsequently surveillance footage ! "

Peter Reilly , Savills
" Once I showed a couple with a child truly gorgeous home . The master bedroom was a " room - seeker " , which is usually equipped with a contingency . While we inspected the bathroom, the boy came back to the shelter and accidentally closed it . No persuasion we did not manage to convince him to unlock the door - in the end we had to pick the lock , sawn him. "

Simon Hadley , Druce

"Several years ago I was selling a house in Marylebone and could not contact the owner to arrange an appointment potential buyer. Eventually we just went to inspect the building and on the terrace on the roof , stumbled on a completely naked hostess who fell asleep sunbathing , and therefore can not hear the call cell phone. We had to hastily withdraw without waking her , and pretend that nothing happened . "

Loki Rankin , Lichfields

" A few months ago I showed the client and his wife rather prim apartment in Holland Park . We walked in and said hello to the family : host, hostess and their teenage son , and then started home inspection . Climbing up to the top floor , the couple looked into the room, the door of which was ajar . room was the toilet , where a completely carefree teenager sat on the toilet , reading comics . wife client began retching , and the boy completely ordinary voice said, " Oh, hi ! " Obviously, he did not want parents sold this apartment . "

Jonathan Penn , Jackson-Stops & Staff
" I've been doing real estate assessment , where just completed repairs and the floor was covered completely white carpet. Suddenly slipped out of my hand and pen , to the full horror ink flooded the entire carpet , I was forced to confess to the crime and to waive the fee for the work of due to the damage . "

Serena Streynzh , Strutt & Parker
" There was a really hot day when I showed this house with a swimming pool and its client the son. The client was very interested in the quality of tiles and asked for the opportunity to study it in detail . I do not quite understand what she meant , but said that the owner would not have been against it. Then , to my great shame for me and for her son , a woman stripped down to her underwear and quickly jumped into the pool. Incidentally , the house she had not bought . "

Roseanne Kate , Strutt & Parker
" The new owner sold the house with my help, wanted to destroy the pond with ornamental carp in the yard - I was asked to arrange the fate of fish. Neither the pet store did not want to take them , so I agreed to sell carp at auction for a symbolic price . Good two hours I spent on the sly "Fishing " in the late evening in a decorative pond . "

James Denn , Knight Frank
" After inspecting the house hosts sent me to cremate their beloved and recently deceased Labrador ."

Jonathan Ben , Knight Frank

" Waiting for customers to inspect the house , I noticed a dead fish in the pond . Reaching out to get it , I fell into a pond and vymok to the skin . Had to change into a T-shirt and flip-flops and make an appearance. That I am not a realtor and owner of the house ."
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