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16.02.2011 14:19
Electoral Commission of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug published data on the incomes of candidates for deputies of the Duma, including Roman Abramovich. Experts note that the Russian billionaire have even more than before the media attributed to him. This is certainly a bold step and a confirmation of openness Abramovich's business, they say.

According to the declaration of Roman Abramovich in 2009, he received the income on bank deposits of $ 143 million rubles, a total of 22 accounts was listed 3.38 billion rubles. He owns 12 sites, 9 houses, 7 flats, 7 cars and 7 shares of firms.

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With regard to real estate, as has been reported VIEW Real Estate, a Russian billionaire, always with interest relates to investments in large and expensive facilities around the world. Today, Abramovich owns homes in Anadyr (283.3 meters), the Moscow region (2,421.2 and 1,131.2 meters), the United Kingdom (200 meters), USA (1329 and 520 meters) and France (372, 590 and 910 square meters ).

The number of residential homes overseas matches the number of plots: two in the U.S. (2015 and 7000 meters), three in France (20 000, 7300 and 3000 meters) and one in the UK (2025 meters).

In Russia, Abramovich owns land in the Chukchi Autonomous Area (10,486 square meters) and four - in the Moscow region (139 361 4531, 524 and 447 meters).

Billionaire owns an apartment in Anadyr (89.4 meters) and 6 apartments in the UK (481, 357, 230, 228, 95 and 35 meters, total - about 1.5 thousand square meters of the British area.

It is worth noting that the declaration did not get past the acquisition of Roman Abramovich, he made at the end of 2010. For example, according to Britain's Daily Mail and Financial Times, Mr Abramovich for several years bought an apartment in the heart of London in two adjacent houses on Loundes Square in the heart of the fashionable district of Belgravia, a department store Harvey Nichols. According to the FT, Mr Abramovich became the owner of a 9-flats and three basement floors. The total cost of all this property is 120-150 million pounds, total area - 2,787 square meters. meters.

According to the BBC, in London, Abramovich also owns a house in Chester Square in Belgravia. According to the Daily Mail, Abramovich is also searching for a vacation home - after divorce agreements gave the mansion in West Sussex to his wife Irina.

Of the three declared holdings Abramovich French media reported only two. It's - Private Chateau de la Croix at the Cape of Antibes, which is known fact that 30 of the last century it lived renounced the British throne, Edward VII. Roman Abramovich has bought the mansion in 2004, and the price could be 15 million pounds. Today, according to Realtors Cote d'Azur, the price of houses can be up to 2-2,5 times higher. In 2009, the WSJ reported that Abramovich's purchase of houses, estimated on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, a French possession. The mansion once belonged to the grandson of John D. Rockefeller David. Some years the mansion belonged to Indian Americans, who paid for it in 2001, $ 8 million. Roman Abramovich had already put 65 million, and according to some sources - $ 90 million. Size of the house - 4 thousand square meters of living space. The windows overlook the so-called "Governor's beach» - Anse de Gouverneur. This beach is recognized by Forbes magazine among the best nudist beaches in the world.

In the U.S., Abramovich two homeownership since 2008, and both are located near one of the most expensive resorts in the world - Aspen, Colorado. The cost of purchased first home area of 520 square meters - 11.8 million dollars. Second home ownership is listed as an area of the ranch in 1238 meters and the price of 36.4 million dollars. These data also results in their paper, WSJ.

The structure of Roman Abramovich also own the land other than those specified in the declaration, since acquired after the reporting period, the declaration. For example, they may include land in Skolkovo (78 m, recorded at "Gloria"), also a billionaire have the right to lease the forest land in the Istra district of Moscow region (JSC "Echo West", 397 ha forestry Bakovskom). These findings lead to the Vedomosti newspaper on Wednesday.

Recall that for the first time Abramovich has publicly reported on its real estate in 1999 when he ran for the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Then he pointed out that during the reporting period (1998), he earned 12 million rubles, and all income received in "Rudik ltd. Gibraltar. He owned the VAZ-2106, but no house, no garage, nor the land he had not.

"It should be noted that this - the first fairly detailed declaration about the property, openly published in the media - said LOOK-Real Estate Consulting CEO Andrew Berestyanskaya Moscow bureau. - I would like to believe that she will become an example to be emulated by other citizens, of comparable property. With regard to an extensive list of real estate, he once again confirms the investment attractiveness of such transactions. One figure - the total average increase in the cost of housing in the world with a post-war period and until today was about 700%.

"Phenomenal transparency of personal property by one of the most successful Russian businessmen should serve as a sort of reproachful lesson for those who prefer to hide their wealth under the names of different kinds of trusts and offshore islands in the ocean, - says member of the board of the Moscow Bar Catherine Kalyada. - All these secret wealth seriously spoil the image of our country, causing an indirect impact on investment in Russia. Certainly the fact that this practice should be combined with reporting on the compliance costs of income. "

Note that the journal "published on Monday, the traditional to the 2010 ranking of Russian billionaires, which became a major sensation change" bronze "winner of three leaders - the place of the owner of Chelsea and Roman Abramovich's Millhouse Capital became the founder of Metalloinvest Alisher Usmanov. "Gold has retained the main beneficiary, Vladimir Lisin, NLMK," silver "- the president of Onexim Mikhail Prokhorov.

However, according to the magazine, the state of Roman Abramovich has changed is not so much and is valued at about $ 17 billion.

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