Homeowners in London kicked out tenants

15.05.2012 09:15
Articles about real estate | Homeowners in London kicked out tenants Owners of homes in the Olympic Village in London in pursuit of profit, evicted their tenants, then to rent property at highly inflated prices Olympics guests, reports Newsru.com. Evidence unscrupulous landlords actions documented charity Shelter («Shelter").

Landlords offer tenants a matter of urgency to leave the house without providing for the search of new homes allotted month, or drastically increase the rent. For example, real estate, which is usually passed to 432.2 euros per week, billed now for 7.4 thousand euros per week. With the approaching Olympic Games, which begin July 27, the situation may even worsen.

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The National Association of Landlords has condemned the actions of the homeowner. Experts stress that it is cheaper to hand over accommodation to a longer time-tested and proven tenants, rather than chase the occasional money.

Rent in London began to quickly get up long before the opening of the Olympic Games. Thus, the most expensive of a leased home found the object of Angel, located in the prestigious Chelsea district on the banks of the Thames. Vosmispalny mansion in the Olympics for rent at a price of 66 thousand euros per week, which is 36 thousand euros more expensive than the usual time.

Also in the top five most expensive proposals included three homes in the area of ​​Notting Hill, the most expensive of them - a four shestispalny house on Portobello Road, the cost of 54 thousand euros per week.

At the Olympic rentals make even the stars: ex-football star Sol Campbell rents his house in Chelsea for 90 thousand euros per week. Tenant will receive a five-story cottage area of ​​1 thousand square meters. m with seven bedrooms, a cinema, spa and gym.

Meanwhile, in 172 locations in London hotels during the Olympics are gone, and those that remain, shall be at a price 10 times higher than normal. Among the budget proposals - Holiday Inn Express worth 6.4 thousand euro for 16 days with breakfast. Luxury Room in Soho Hazlitt's Hotel will cost 23.5 thousand euros. Accommodation must be paid immediately, but if you change your mind, money no longer see.
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