Home, sweet home ... on wheels!

16.10.2010 14:21
In the minds of the ordinary man in the street a man who has his home, stands on the lowest rung of the social ladder. For the Western world is quite natural and quite widespread, are home on wheels - vans.

Most western films, which featured people living in vans, represent them as the needy who do not have normal conditions for life. However, such a view - not that other, as just another myth of Western society.

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In fact demand for trailer category Camp-Inn is growing steadily. Originating in America after World War II, such trailers firmly entrenched in the automobile market. Although clearly say - this is the car market or the housing at the moment is rather difficult. After all, such machines are inside a real house!

There is absolutely everything you need for life. Often, even the average, our apartment, which is no electricity, the water shut off, then you need to wait for the inclusion of heating until it becomes quite cold in terms of public procurement is much inferior to such a mobile house on wheels. After all, they provide everything you need: independent power and water supply, heating and air conditioning, toilet, etc. Outwardly, these motor homes can be of two types: trailers and monolithic constructions of the type bus.

Today, many companies produce more and more upgrading of these houses on wheels. Despite the fact that the market category Trailer Camp-Inn there were companies from different countries, in particular, the Japanese - the palm still keep American manufacturers - it is their know-how, and they hold once taken high. Thus, the production of these homes the company is engaged in Winnebago - the market leader for 50 years. The best of their camper has the name Vectra. In addition to the mandatory minimum of amenities, this model is fully equipped with modern appliances and comfortable furniture. With this configuration the trailer really turns into a real house, albeit on wheels.

Since the mid-twentieth century, before everyone who is connected with trailers, there was a problem: how to regard people living in a trailer? Are these people persons without fixed residence? What legal rules can be applied to them?

All issues were resolved the adoption in 1980 of amendments to the Law National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards, on which the machine where you reside (motor homes or mobile homes) have been understood as a full house, but carried on wheels.
It was this law made it possible for people to live mobile: trailer owners can live in designated parking areas and in specialized parks, join the community, the whole community of others like themselves, and could at any moment fall from their homes and go traveling.

Incidentally, the modern parks of manufactured homes have piped water and sanitation, good planning and infrastructure. Communities play a role not only save its members from being alone, they also provide for people of many important rights. First of all, they want to associate with certain land use laws in force in the United States.

Generally, the popularity of mobile homes would be much higher if America did not have so many laws, one way or another restricting the use of trailers. For the rights of their owners since the mid-twentieth century struggles Association of mobile homes (Mobile Home Manufacturers Association - MHMA). It was she who controls the quality of the product, its specifications and design stuffing.

So everything indicates that the motor homes will be improved and to conquer new territory. Maybe someday they will get up to Ukraine?
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