Home Insurance brought Ukrainian insurers to 2,5 billion USD in 2010

07.02.2011 13:41
Articles about real estate | Home Insurance brought Ukrainian insurers to 2,5 billion USD in 2010 Volume of premiums for property insurance in 2010 declined by 8%. Last year, insurers have collected on property insurance 2,5 billion UAH., Whereas in 2009, the year it amounted to nearly 2.7 billion USD.

The companies state: property insurance market last year continued to fall. "The fall occurred at the expense of reducing the amount of property insurance companies, and mortgage", - deputy head of the board of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (LIOU) Alexander Zaletov.

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According to estimates LIOU, most of all - almost 4 times - dropped the volume of premiums from insuring mortgages. "In 2010 on this type of property insurance underwriters have collected a whole 250 million UAH. In this case, premiums on new contracts signed last year, amounted to only about 80 mln., In 2009, there were 35-40 million, and prior to the crisis - 200-290 million, "- says Zaletov.

Podkachali insurers and businesses. Property insurance legal entities, according to Zaletova in 2010 decreased by 10-12%. "Basically the company to save on insurance, personal property, at the same time, payments from the tenant if the legal entities and have declined, it is very small - 2-5%," - continues Zaletov.

In his opinion, the decline in premiums last year for property insurance business is not only a savings in insurance for property owners, but with the refusal of many of them use the traditionally friendly to tax evasion, insurance is a "circuit" operation. "Many have become easier to use for such purposes, financial risk insurance. In this form of tax authorities is more difficult to prove that the insured event was a sham ", - the expert believes.

But private individuals, in contrast to companies in the past year not only refused to voluntarily insure their apartments and villas, but quite the contrary. Did it very willingly, as evidenced by the increase in the number of contracts of property insurance of physical persons at 8%, while the volume of premiums - by 10-12% compared to 2009-m year.

"Such growth helped by several factors. First, man-made disasters, frequent fires and floods - all this leads people to seek protection for their property. Secondly, the crisis has forced the insurers themselves away from the banks and begin a more active population of the massive sell, cheap property insurance ", - says Alexander Zaletov.

With regard to payments to insurers of property insurance in 2010, then, according to an expert LIOU, they are almost unchanged compared with 2009 and amounted to 260 mln.

Such a "stinginess" of insurance companies in terms of payments for "property" experts explain again the gradual departure of businesses from the circuit of property insurance, as well as the fact that the payments on a real major insurance events that occurred in 2010, partly rescheduled for 2011

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