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21.02.2011 00:03
Articles about real estate | Home - «hot cakes» The experts of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty - the leading operator in the market of residential and commercial real estate - have prepared a rating of the most rapidly implemented in 2010 objects, the exhibition period which amounted to less than two months.

The standard period of exposure of the suburban real estate takes from 6 months to one year. Analysts at Penny Lane Realty attempts to deal with what factor in a greater impact on reducing the time of sales. Why do some house "hang" in the database for years, while others just a few days find their new owners?

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1 place: a house in the cottage "Ilinka"

* Term of realization of the object: less than a month
* Success Factor: investment attractiveness of the object
* Rublevskoe highway, 11 km from Moscow
* Building Area 457 sqm. m, plot size is 6.5 weave
* Optional: the object will be put in the IV quarter of 2011.
* Price: 870 thousand dollars

Expert opinion:

Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of the suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty: «Such a lightning buying a home in the still unfinished village is directly connected with the popularity of the project" Ilinka and price / quality ratio. Growth rates in the township for the year amounted to 20-25%. Acquisition of such object is a good buy - both in investment and personal purposes. With the current economic situation in the project include cottage community is better when it is already built, but does not yet have a final appearance. In this case, the buyer objectively estimates that investment in real estate developer left a bit, and he will be able to complete the project within a specified time. In this cottage will be sold at a price of unfinished object. It is in this example is the village "Ilinka.

2 nd place: a house in the cottage "Novoglagolevo"

* Implementation period: 1 Month
* Success factor: a unique price for an object
* Kiev highway, 35 km from Moscow
* Building Area 380 sq.. m, plot size 48 hectare
* Optional: a site full of forest
* Price: $ 1.6 million

Expert opinion:

Dmitry Tsvetkov: "Even if you count the cost of this facility, based on the value of land in the area, it becomes evident that the house price was substantially below the market. Weaving on the forest area of 35 km from Moscow to Kiev highway costs about 35 thousand dollars. That is the amount for which the house was sold, the cost is only the land on which it is built.

This is the case when the price cut help the seller as soon as possible realize their house, but the buyer - to purchase undervalued object. Whatever was said about all kinds of smart marketing technologies directly affecting the quick sale of real estate, they are all secondary. The main factor that affects the speed of implementation of the object, it is still his price. And the feature of today's post-crisis market is that having a rich database offers, you can find a unique option, the investment attractiveness of which reaches 30-50%. "

3 rd place: a house in the cottage "Ladoga"

* Implementation period: 1 month, 2 weeks
* Success factor: non-standard information object positioning
* Kiev highway, 30 km from Moscow
* Building Area 372 sq. m, plot size 30 hectare
* Optional: house turnkey, fully furnished
* Price: 1 560 thousand dollars

Expert opinion:

Dmitry Tsvetkov: "This object is" hung "in the databases of other real estate agencies for a long time. The result of such a quick sale (1 month) Penny Lane Realty has a wide advertising campaign and other positioning of the house. Used in the Penny Lane Realty approach to promoting the object involves not only the standard information about technical characteristics of the house (its size, the number of ares, etc.), but the creation of some of history (author's description of expert conclusions about the advantages of object-quality photo illustrations). Colorful photos and detailed history of the house was presented at the Internet portal www.poselok.ru - the only source, accumulating vast majority of proposals on a suburban real estate market. Its influence on the rate of implementation of the object also has the intellectual potential of the company: the broker directly.

4 th place: a house in the cottage Vatutinki

* Implementation period: 1 month, 3 weeks
* Factor of success: bringing prices into line with the market
* Kaluga highway, 15 km from Moscow
* Building Area 350 sq. m, plot size 12 hectare
* Optional: house turnkey
* Price: 982 thousand dollars

Expert opinion:

Dmitry Tsvetkov: "Initially the price was too high homeownership the owner of 20% compared to similar offerings on the market. Making the marketing analysis of the cost of similar objects, the broker gave him to review and advise the seller to reduce the price. The owner followed the recommendations of the broker, as a result, the house was implemented in a relatively short period of time (1 month, 3 weeks).

The market will always be objects as overpriced, and with low price - this is the psychology of people. For example, if we consider the 10 houses put up for $ 1 million, it becomes obvious that the situation with pricing fairly conventional. A house worth 500 thousand dollars, but his boss really wants a million, some worth 1.5 million dollars, but the owner of an urgent need to sell him or he's just not in the market. Can not say that at some point pricing is equalized, and each house will be sold at that price, which he really stands. Just those homes that really are worth 500 thousand dollars, without result idle for a long time, until his owner did not lower the cost of the project. The role of a competent broker in this situation - to convince the seller's confidence in its professionalism and to reduce the price of the house to the market. "

5 th place: a house in the village of "Larks"

* Implementation period: 2 months
* Success factor: pre-sales home
* Minsk highway, 24 km from Moscow
* Building Area 380 sq.. m, plot size 12 hectare
* Optional: portion of the forest
* Price: 1,400,000 USD

Expert opinion:

Dmitry Tsvetkov: "For a quick and successful implementation of the object the company has offered the owner of the house to make it a little redecorating. The owner agreed to our proposal and the cottage had been repaired.

Penny Lane Realty Company recently began offering a service to its customers, and we already feel the impact. We wondered why spend presale car is considered a natural, and property - far more expensive property - no. Relatively small investment for the owner to repair the house, probably in the order of 5-10 thousand dollars, allow much faster to sell the facility and at a lower price. Grass cuttings, not Trickle staircase and freshly painted kitchen truly can work miracles. "

Source: Penny Lane Realty
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