Home buyers are deterred by high prices

24.12.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Home buyers are deterred by high prices In Kharkov, increased demand for homes. In comparison with 2012, the interest to housing increased by 7%, reported by Marketing Department of "KHAN (Kharkov real estate)." At the same time , as the experts , the price situation in this market segment, part scares buyers.

"Today, most owners unreasonably inflate the price offered for sale at home. For example, in a house built 80s , without heating gas and repairs, an area of ​​about 70 square asking , on average, about 80, 000 dollars, while the market price of such an object is about 60,000 . Such pricing environment leads to the fact that approximately every tenth customer who comes into the market to buy a house, eventually abandoning his goal and gets an apartment , "- said the head of" KHAN ( Kharkov real estate) "Svetlana Yakimova .
According to her, to the choice in favor of buying an apartment buyers often pushes tough position taken by the sellers in the bargaining . "If at the beginning of 2013 the owners of houses on the bargaining yielded an average of 24.6% of the purchase price by the end of the year the average amount of concessions fell to 19.8 %, which is almost 5% ," - said Svetlana Yakimova .

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The expert also added that the first place in the number of homes for sale , ie 26% of the total number of objects in 2013 confidently occupied Saltovka . The second place was occupied Novozhanovskoe direction - 17%. Third place with a volume of 16% of the total number of homes sold took Holodnogorsko direction . Least of all homes - about 3% - put up for sale in the central districts of Kharkov.


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