Holiday-class «economy» has not yet built

19.11.2010 13:00
Articles about real estate | Holiday-class «economy» has not yet built Revitalization in the suburban real estate market has traditionally manifested itself since the beginning of the spring-summer season, so the number of hits increased.
Increasing the number of transactions, perhaps it will be possible to make predictions only for those objects where there is a partially or fully completed a home ownership: it is in relation to such proposals has intensified interest in buyers.
If we talk about geographical preferences of consumers, it has traditionally claimed the right direction of the coast, in particular Novoobuhovskaya, Odesa, Zhytomyr highway.

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In general, the demand has intensified in the towns business and the premium segment. On the demand for objects that match the criteria of economy class, while difficult to speak, as such, de facto, not yet built. There was no market towns with a significant number of cottages, whose value is comparable to the price of a three-room apartment in a residential area of the capital. With regard to specific towns, it is worth noting "Severynivka", "Sun Valley", "Mayetok. Although various categories of settlements is, however, each successful in its segment: the buyer has an understanding for the completion of any stage of the project.
As for the other boroughs, despite all the marketing tools developers, to the buyer the most important is the ratio of "readiness, price and quality. In this case, no one wants to invest in projects that will long be terminated in connection with the crises.

Earnings builder in the construction of a cottage for sale today is dependent on the quality of the house, its location, the cost of building materials and other factors. But should immediately note that the buyer at such an object is very difficult to find. Also, please note that individual home - rather, it is housing economy, or at best business class. Such a property in pre-crisis times, usually acquired through mortgage lending, and now it is for customers in seven locks.
Artem Novikov, managing partner of consulting company "Dialog Classic
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