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08.11.2010 10:42
Articles about real estate | Holiday «crisis format» The volume of supply in the primary market of cottages for the crisis year has not changed: the sale of more than 8,500 households. During the year, 44 projects have been suspended, and in 46 villages were, by contrast, are open prodazhi.Obem in the primary market of cottages for the crisis year has not changed: the sale of more than 8,500 households. During the year, 44 projects have been suspended, and in 46 villages were, by contrast, are open sale.

Last year, the developers had a hard time: a decrease in sales affected all segments of the primary market of cottage settlements. Earlier this year, the market practically stood - the buyers were waiting for lower prices, their purchasing decision was delayed. Demand has decreased by 3-4 times: in mid-2008 was successful and popular village households were implemented 07.05 per month (mostly - sites with contract), the spring of 2009 managed to sell at best 2.1 allotment. A sale of finished houses was even worse - the developers call a "good result" for one or two deals for two to three months.

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Of course, this could not affect the strategy developers. "If we talk about the market as a whole, a considerable part of the projects which started before the crisis, after a sharp decline in sales was observed at the division stage, offering lots and homes at the Square", - said Head of PR and advertising group of companies "Olympus-2000" Tatiana Koltyreva.

Many of the projects, the launch of which was announced in 2008, were processed under the "crisis format": not only reduce the area homes and land, but there were also blocks the sale of plots without a contract (whereas previously offered exclusively to the construction of "turnkey" ). This path has gone at least 20% of developers. Start many projects was postponed to 2010, major projects in the near term will be implemented small bursts.

Old in a shallow cutting
Despite the fact that the market situation at the beginning of last year left much to be desired, the spring market began to display new projects settlements. In most cases, at first it was about the proposals plots without a contract, intended for villa construction, sometimes without engineering training. "It is difficult to realize an array of land for the project, and several lesser-known companies and private owners see a way out of a difficult situation is to organize the project area with the sale of cottage sites" - commented the deputy director of the consulting center of Petersburg Real Estate Olga Troshev.

But, according to Realtors in 2009 and land sales activity fell compared with 2008, nearly three-fold. Proposal unprepared plots without a contract, even at low prices, has not caused much interest among customers: up to 70% of the sites, according to the Petersburg real estate "at the end of the year were unsold. Among the allotments in greatest demand during the year used the format of suburban projects, located in interesting places of the Karelian isthmus. And the demand remained mostly in the townships, where sites have already summed up the basic communications (electricity, water, preferably - gas).

"Despite the fact that many experts say the most needed areas in the segment of" economy ", the experience of our sales indicates the opposite situation: in the first place in sales areas of high priced", - says head of the advertising department of "pooled resources" Vlad Tsarev. Developers, however, noted that buyers are not built in a hurry - how will things were with the population of settlements, it will become clear in the new year.

Despite the "land boom", by the end of the summer came on the market and some fairly large projects, which are offered for sale plots with houses. While some developers are suspended or sent "to process" projects were launched in 2008 and targeted for permanent residence, there were those who decided not to delay projects indefinitely. In general, all new projects are related to economy class.

Comforting results

Only the fall of the market came to life: lower prices, which occurred in the first half of the year, the fall has slowed. Most strongly (compared to pre-crisis period) lost in value over the past year, business class - minus 15%. In the economy segment, a decline of 7-8%, and even more expensive luxury cottages. The reason is that 2009 was the year of commissioning of many elite cottage villages, towns and high degree of readiness assessed significantly more expensive. Today discount from the stated price in the price is 10-15%, with full payment at time of purchase - up to 35%.

October was the most intense part of the month in transactions. The first came on the market, home buyers in the towns economy class - the basic struggle for them, turned around in this segment. A guide for customers wishing to move to the suburbs, is the average cost of trehkmonatnoy apartment in the city - with an amendment to a larger area, the availability of engineering and transport accessibility. At the same time, experts say, by far the most in demand cottage villages maximum readiness.

In November, entered the market and buyers of expensive housing: During the last months of the year there were a few sales in the price range of 15-20 million rubles. for homeownership. True, the next wave of "expensive" buyers, experts predict we will see until the spring, and even the summer.


Tatiana Koltyreva, director of advertising and PR group of companies "Olympus-2000":
Decrease in sales has affected all segments of the primary cottage settlements. Most buyers have to focus on more simple projects, it is less expensive, smaller square footage, not overburdened infrastructure. With regard to consumers sit on the fence, their demand is pending and may manifest itself later when the economic situation improves. Changing market situation has forced developers to adjust marketing strategies. Began to play a greater role parameters of the proposed product, especially its degree of readiness and availability of documentation. Therefore, developers continue to actively build a more advantageous position.

Elizabeth Conway, head of prime residential property KnightFrankSt.Petersburg:
In the luxury segment in the suburban real estate market, certainly, there was a price correction, as elsewhere. Yet the lack of sufficient in order to call this segment of the rich, the number of proposals this correction was small and more like a correction to change the national currency. Nevertheless, in a segment of the elite of the transaction more than 1 million euros this year were isolated. Business Class dipped the most, in some cases, the drop was more than 25% of the pre-crisis prices. For nearly two months on the market almost calm reigns, and does not seem that the situation has changed and for the next two months. New Year 2010 will give us an insight into the stability / instability of the national currency, once the correction in prices will occur, and by March the market will begin to wake up. But the chicks will be considered already in the autumn, because now the term of the deal was increased to 3-4 months.
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