Hobbihausy pushed around cottage settlements

20.10.2010 09:20
Hobbihausy pushed around cottage settlements The presence in the town or its neighborhood golf course, yacht club, ski trails and other facilities that collect people "of interest, real estate price increases on average by 10-20%, and maximum-designed balanced concept increases the cost of the settlement at 30% of the market price. This is the conclusion of one of the analysts of consulting companies.

Now on suburban real estate market there is a new trend - the increasing number of settlements "in the interests (in the west such objects with its own yacht club, located next to the ski slopes, ranch for a great interest in hunting and equestrian sports - is called a" hobby-House). Demand for them is highly stable. Respectively, and sales go much faster.

Many experts are inclined to believe that the thematic focus - it's just a marketing ploy, designed to provide a draft of the total mass of the same type of cottage settlements and increase sales. But the main reason, according to specialists, this increased competition associated with the rapid increase in the number of cottage complexes, as well as the increased demands of customers who have become more sophisticated.

"Thematic villages to suburban real estate market is becoming more and more. Although their share in total supply is not exceed 5 - 6%, brokers say it is the rapidly growing demand for such facilities. Projected growth segment in the coming years in the structure of suburban real estate market will reach 15 -20%. And first of all, these projects will be positioned in the high segments of the suburban market - the "elites" and "business" and the concept will reflect the theme, meet new fashionable hobby "- says CEO of Kansas, Alexei Kiselev.
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