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Articles about real estate | Here was born the family <div style="text-align: justify;">Scandalous story of divorce proceedings this artist knows the whole country. But ever since she married a second time, gossip about her personal life quickly subsided. For several years, Alla Perfilova, known for its many fans as the singer Valeria, living happily with her husband and producer Joseph Prigozhin. In his spacious apartment together they organize everyday life and raise three wonderful children.<br /><br /><strong>Valeria, tell ktoi where in this house lives?</strong><br /><br />The apartment we have a small but cozy. There was with him, our bedroom, the daughter of Anna and one child to two sons, Ceni and Themes. And, finally, living room, where the whole family meets to chat or watch television.<br /><br /><strong>And how did you become the owners of this apartment?</strong><br /><br /><img height="209" width="150" src="/files/50/Valeria1.jpg" alt="Валерия " style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" />Accommodation offered me Joseph, when we met. The apartment belonged to his friend Professor-ophthalmologist. He has owned it for seven years, but has been here often, preferring to live in a country house. And once Prigogine turned to him to help Valerie, who, without hesitation, gave the keys. Joseph, after telling them that they did not fit in the head, as the mother of three children, famous singer, who played dozens of concerts, nowhere to live. Indeed, after her divorce from her husband and producer Alexander Shulgin, I had to wander through other people's apartments. Because the entire property was mysteriously framed for him. But all this behind us. Now I have another life, and this apartment, which my husband is very expensive. Here were born our relationship. Therefore Yosya asked his friend to sell it to us, fortunately, he agreed.<br /><strong><br />Valeria, you went to have furnished living space. You change something in the interior of this apartment?</strong><br /><br />When I first saw this apartment, I thought that got in posh hotel room. Atmosphere I liked. Therefore, when we became owners of housing, no global changes do not have. Living such as it was, yes we even wine from the previous owner left. (Laughs) But, furniture partially changed, and of course, a baby altered completely. But the fact that she had already belonged to another man, I totally do not care. Here, almost no one lived, and I feel that the aura here is ours.<br /><br /><img height="225" width="150" src="/files/50/Valeria2.jpg" alt="Валерия " style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" /><strong>But surely you want to buy a bigger flat? After all, you have three children grow ...</strong><br /><br />Of course, the desire is there, but so far it only plans. At one time we wanted to buy a neighbor's apartment, but the owner asked for too large a sum, and we abandoned this idea. So now all the major means investing in education and training of children. In addition, each of us a lot of relatives - and all need help. However, not so long ago, we were able to take advantage of buying an office building. It is located in the heart of the capital, in the Tishinka, and while there is a repair.<br /><br /><strong>Valeria, and how you think of suburban life? It is fashionable to build cottages. And you did not think to move to permanent residence in some elite settlement?<br /></strong><br />To be honest, with all the pluses of suburban life, I absolutely do not want to leave the city. You see, I like to live in civilization among the people. And the children comfortable, because the school nearby.<br /><br /><strong>But what about the environment, clean air?</strong><br /><br />Well, unless within a radius of 50 kilometers from Moscow may be clean air? Think, still gassy. Also from experience I know that the contents of the cottage requires great effort and considerable money. After all, with ex-husband, we lived in their own home. Although Rather, it was a "cabin on chicken legs": only one room, which we renovated and expanded. Thus no civilized repair it did. But that was enough for me to understand that to live outside the city difficult. Is that for young children have an advantage. For example, I could safely leave their babies alone on the street. I followed his lead: Exit carriages, the children slept in the open air, left "Baby Monitor", and she returned to the house. I shall hear, that woke up - look out the window and see how their case, everything was in order. And when the children grew older, suburban life was for them scarce. Take up nothing, and besides it was time to learn, and good schools in the district no. Did you give the elders in the music school in the village Aprelevka. But low-skilled teachers discouraged them from any desire to play music. Now my children go to Gnessin School of Music, all on the piano.<br /><br /><strong>How do you manage to combine work and raising three children?</strong><br /><br />We have our nanny. It is with us for 11 years, and without her help I would never have coped. Her name is Masha, and she is dear to us. Is an intelligent and educated woman, incidentally, is the godmother of my children. Of course, when I was at home, then every free moment I devote to children. We are pleased to help them with lessons, especially with the English language and mathematics. I did and she loved to go to school. <br /><br /><img height="184" width="150" src="/files/50/Valeria3.jpg" alt="Валерия " style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" /><strong>I heard you speak perfect French.<br /></strong><br />I always taught English, but after visiting the French realized that not all and not always understand him there, especially in the outback. And so I was curious. Then I went to a bookstore and bought a textbook of primary courses in language, then bought the second and third. And recently read his first book on the French!<br /><strong><br />And what is this book?</strong><br /><br />I specifically bought the book, which in Russian has already read, to understand that in principle it is written. This is a work of Guy de Maupassant's "Dear Friend".<br /><strong><br />You are all in the family well-read?</strong><br /><br />Anya had grown very fond of literature. I'm glad. We have an excellent library, and often the daughter approaches and asks my advice, that would be more interesting to read. Together we choose a book. <br /><br /><img height="109" width="150" src="/files/50/Valeria4.jpg" alt="Валерия " style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" /><strong>What are your kids are attracted?</strong><br /><br />Anechka like to explore the animal world, it deals with biology, chemistry. Subject to this day had quit music lessons. Also sons dragged taekwondo. This I tried to teach them the sport, because she is like. After Gnesinka I was fond of aerobics. Now here came to yoga. With that can withstand such a rhythm of life.<br /><br />When I was home, my children are playing games, doing music, or simply chatting about this and that. In general, do not have to be bored, there is always something to do. And I still ask: "You go to the Party?". What hangouts when I have three children? And everyone wants attention, care and affection. I try to be a good mom to them.<br /><strong><br />Valeria, and when you want to relax, retire, as you are saved from a noisy family?</strong><br /><br />I love to spend time in the bathroom, the water calms and silences the noise that came from the nursery. I can also go to his bedroom. There I was doing my favorite yoga or just lying in bed with a book. Living in our public place, where children gather, watch movies and cartoons. But I do not like TV. I used it did not turn off, watched constantly. But now I have such an active life, that when they got home, I want to just lie down in silence, to relax. I even gave Joseph headphones at night so that he could watch TV without disturbing anybody.<br /><strong><br />On you rests the implementation of any household chores?<br /></strong><br />There are lessons that I love to do, such as iron. Another watch that in the closet was the perfect order. This is my childhood. When my mother arranged spring cleaning, I always trust responsible work - dismantling of things in the closet. Now I do it very quickly and with great pleasure. And passion for ironing parents instilled in me, too. I remember that I often ironed shirts and Papa's bed linen. Put favorite records, included iron - and forward with the song! <br /><br /><img height="128" width="150" src="/files/50/Valeria5.jpg" alt="Валерия " style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" /><strong>And you inoculate your children love to work?</strong><br /><br />We will not spoil, but rather try to teach self-sufficiency. We wish that they were ready for life. Kids know what money is and how to handle them. They know that before you get something, it should be earned. Unfortunately, difficulties in children already there. For example, two years ago when they moved to another school, they had problems communicating with classmates. Many thought their zaznaykami, because they have known parents. Once in the hearts of R & blurted out: "Mom, would be better if you were not an actress!". Then I replied that if I were not an actress, he went to rest abroad, did not study in the summer in England and would not have fallen in a summer camp in Switzerland. "Be patient, - I said - more pluses than minuses."<br /><br /><strong>You can call your second marriage is perfect?</strong><br /><br />Well consider my husband I had before the wedding, because we are bound by work and we spent much time together. I saw behaves Joseph, when angry and happy. When I got married, you already knew all the positive and negative aspects of the nature of Joseph. But he also knew everything about me. Therefore there was no unpleasant surprises. And now, swear, we have nothing to share. The only occasion when I can really pour out their husband's negative emotions, may sound like this: "Already, in the end, turned off the phone, I ask you, you can eat safely?". Here I kiplyu. But this is hardly clarifying the relationship. Yes, my husband is always busy, then work on a computer, talking on the phone. But I can not change anything, and understand that this is characteristic of his profession. Therefore endure. (Laughs) But in general I am certainly very happy!</div>
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