Henceforth, the owners of private homes can be rebuilt only with the help of professional builders

17.02.2010 11:23
Articles about real estate | Henceforth, the owners of private homes can be rebuilt only with the help of professional builders

My friend lives in a private home in a suburb of Kiev. House of old, she got more from my grandmother. That is, as you know, this "family castle" was constructed back in the days when private owners are not forbidden to acquire what redundant meters - centimeters square. Some of my friends are aptly called the old house "gnydnykami": a few tiny rooms lepyaschihsya one another, a kitchen the size of a matchbook. It can and wash: standing in a basin and poured himself heated on the stove with water from the mug. Facilities - schelyasty nesting in the yard.

Naturally, most of the owners of such "mansions", when it became possible, began to finish construction and rebuild old houses. My girlfriend, for example, build a bathroom, a spacious kitchen and - oh, miracle of miracles! - Human toilet with a drain. Now her family is thinking about that warmed the roof and turn an old attic in residential attic passes iBud.ua. But it turns out, this is not so simple: a new procedure for granting permits to perform construction work does not allow the owners finish building their own homes.

Pit under the window

The new ruling affects primarily the owners of private houses, and such in our country enough. What now needs to be done to those who have decided to expand their own house, built on its own soil? To get started is to submit to the local Gosarhstroyinspektsii statement shall be attached to documents to prove land ownership or land use, ownership of the house (or the written consent of the owner) and design documents for construction. But most importantly - to find a construction organization, and which will construction site. The contractor, in turn, is obliged to submit Gosarhstroyinspektsii a package of documents: a copy of the license to perform construction work, work contract, information about the qualifications of its professionals. A more detailed list can be found in the text of the Cabinet decision number 1104.

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Something can be done with his own hands and without the permission Gosarhstroyinspektsii. For example, to install a boiler, fire alarms, security systems, connect to the sewer or to the gas network, transmits iBud.ua. However, if you decide to gas, to coordinate technical issues with the gasman will. What else can you build yourself? Trivia: awnings, light arbors, summer showers, prefabricated garages, greenhouses, and ... the notorious toilet-nesting. In a word - buildings that have no foundation.

Many owners of private homes so the question was indignant: "Why I am not allowed to do on their land that I want?" In order to more clearly understand why they need special permission, we contacted the director of BTI Irpin Kiev region, Alexander Pidvarko. "This formulation of the question -" My - what I want, I do! "- Is fundamentally wrong, - explained the" New "BTI director of the city, consisting mainly of private households. - This is nothing, as permissiveness. Just imagine: neighbor built a house abutting to your site, and in winter snow from the roof falls on your territory. You are like? And if that same neighbor ventured to build a toilet in front of your kitchen windows and in the summer because of the flavors cesspool you a piece in the throat does not enter? Here's that this was not, and there are special rules. For example, that between private houses should be kept a certain distance. Take into account other nuances: fire and health standards and so forth.


But it is no secret that this is not one thousand families with a little prosperity is built on the principle: "There were greens - bought a brick - added a little bit." And so slowly, little by little the house expands. In addition, many involved in such a slow building long ago. Is it possible to legitimize such a squatter? "It is certainly possible, it would be a desire - continues Alexander Pidvarko. - It should first pay a fine (very small), then do a project. Previously, builders were issued a certificate of compliance with building standards, today - the certificate. And it is made under the simplified procedure.

It turns out, even if the extension was made arbitrarily, the project should be! "And we have people accustomed to the sly to do - he continues. - Added a, say, a master bathroom with a toilet: non-residential premises, do not be legitimized. Then he quietly transfer the bathroom in another place, and there will make the hall ... But the funniest thing when, say, in terms of luxury homes on 1000 square indicated that the residential area where all meters 90. Rest - Billiard, reception, lounges - such as non-residential premises. Is done all in order to pay less and public utilities.

In other words, squatter, erected earlier legalize not difficult, reports iBud.ua. But if you only planned to be built, will have to acquire all the necessary documentation and to hire professional builders. Otherwise legitimize then this property will be very difficult.

Without the project - anywhere!

However, the owners of apartments new regulation slightly easier life. Now the apartment can be reprogrammed without the authorization Gosarhstroyinspektsii. If you're certainly not going to touch the bearing structures and will comply with building regulations, reports iBud.ua. However, such alterations should also be treated with caution.

"On alterations to flats should also be the project - explains Alexander Pidvarko. - They say that the non-capital walls can safely endure. But when the calculated total strength of the building, taking into account all the walls. Under the kitchen to the living area is also impossible. We must also take into account the interests of other tenants. For example, when designing heating, is taken into account the specific surface heating apartments. Someone brought a battery to the loggia - and in other apartments became colder. And sometimes, when remodeling clogged ventilation duct: such things are generally dangerous. In short, without a plan is needed. There is a department of architecture in local government: there is possible to order the project. If redevelopment is conceived, so to speak, within reason, everything will be fine. "


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