Held on 4 th congress of the All-Ukrainian public organization «Union of Surveyors of Ukraine»

13.12.2010 12:05
Articles about real estate | Held on 4 th congress of the All-Ukrainian public organization «Union of Surveyors of Ukraine» December 10, 2010, in the Great Hall of the House of Unions (Kiev, Independence Square, 2), held on 4 th Congress of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Union of Surveyors of Ukraine". In the event attended by delegates from 24 regional cells of the Union, scientists, representatives of the State Committee, the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Association "Land Union of Ukraine".

With an introduction by Adviser to the President of Ukraine Viktor Slauta. He reported on the government on reforms and noted that one of the most problematic issues today is the land, and that land surveyors must develop a concrete plan of action and offer it to the authorities. It was also noted that, in light of the implementation of Presidential Decree "On the optimization of the system of central executive authorities and the reorganization of the State Committee to the State Agency of Land Resources in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Union of Surveyors should actively influence the personnel policy of the body that is formed.

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The congress heard the report of the Board of the NGO "Union of Surveyors of Ukraine" and the report of the Audit Committee of the organization. He was elected a new governing bodies of the Union - the Board, Chairman Anatoly Vovk and his deputy Nicholas Kalyuzhny and Anton Tretyakov. Anatoly Vovk told delegates about the planned areas of work and stressed the need to revitalize the Union.

Association "Land Union of Ukraine" has provided organizational and informational assistance in the preparation of the event.

Congress adopted an appeal to the President.


Delegates to the 4 th congress of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Union of Surveyors of Ukraine"

Honorable Victor F.

Express our sincere respect and support for much-needed and overdue reforms in the political, economic and social development of our state. Like the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens, we surveyors are not indifferent to how to develop our economy in a global crisis because it affects our future and our children's future. But most of all we are concerned about the state of and prospects for land reform, which for 19 years takes place on the territory of Ukraine. During this time, done a lot, there are real results. As a result of privatization of land millions of our citizens were in private ownership of land, and the state lost the monopoly on land ownership. Today in Ukraine the share of private ownership of land over the state. However, do not achieve the main objective of land reform - more efficient use of land resources and improve the protection of the land. The land, like capital, does not participate in the economic turnover, and the owner of the land, the vast majority is not successful and effective.

In our opinion, the first cause of this situation was the lack of clear government policy in the sphere of land relations. For all the years of independence in the state and was not adopted the national program use and land protection.

In order to prevent land speculation and the creation of huge landed estates, with the participation of foreign capital 10 years ago there was a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, which operates to this day. As a result, we have received several adverse effects. First, it violated the constitutional rights of several million citizens who can not dispose of their land and, therefore, are economic losses. Secondly, stopped market turnover of commodity agricultural land. In this case, the damage not only to citizens but to the state. Most suffer from agricultural producers. And most importantly, get consumer shady land transaction, which casts doubt on the need to continue the moratorium.

The need for a short period of time to develop and adopt the Law of Ukraine "On Land Market", whose main purpose should be to correct errors ongoing land reform and the creation of organizational and legal prerequisites for agricultural development as a strategically important sector of economy of Ukraine.

In order to guarantee the rights of citizens and legal entities on Earth requires the immediate adoption of the draft law of Ukraine "On State Land Cadastre.

In August 2009, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution № 844, which provided early in 2010 to manufacture and issue of 6 million citizens of Ukraine the state acts on land which they enjoyed at the time, due to the Stabilization Fund budget. From the outset it was clear that to perform such work at such times and those forces (the only state institutions of land management and cadastre centers) is impossible, but the campaign has started, and soon turned into a PR-campaign of the then Prime Minister - Ukrainian presidential candidate. Despite the fact that people's confidence to some extent undermined, we believe that the very idea of free production and issuing of the citizens of the state acts on their land without merit, given that the vast majority of them are poor and in old age. This issue can be resolved only at the national level.

Considering the above, please:

1. Write the President of Ukraine Commission on the formation and coordination of public land policy for the next 5 years;
2. To instruct the Cabinet of Ministers on:
- Take immediate action to ensure the professional and scientific management of land resources of Ukraine;
- Development of the State Program of development of land relations in Ukraine until 2020 and the completion during 2011-2013, creating a system of land cadastre to guarantee rights to land ownership;
- Restore land works to restore order in the land use of agricultural and environmental purposes.
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