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Recently, Kiev almost paralyzed with endless traffic jams, and pungent could feel even in the squares and parks.
Not surprisingly, the number of people who live outside the capital is constantly increasing. C is a lower rate in the Kiev region grow and cottage villages, and in all geographic areas. And to make the only right decision, some of these areas will become a "native", it is necessary to study in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each.
To determine the pros and cons of each direction of cottage building better on four main criteria. The first - the transport factor - includes quality leadership to the town roads, as well as ease of entry / exit from the capital. The second - a natural factor - takes into account the picturesque surroundings, the saturation of the surrounding area with forests, lakes and rivers. The third criterion - social, ie, we consider the direction of social homogeneity or the status of living in the cottage .. The fourth is the availability of recreation and entertainment infrastructure (restaurants, clubs, fitness centers, etc.).
Right bank of Kiev is still considered a priority for cottage construction. Identify promising directions, Victor Kovalenko - Director of consulting company "RealEkspo, identified Obukhov, Zhitomir, Odessa, Vyshgorodskiy direction based on the fact that it is - the right bank. Almost the entire business life in Kiev is focused on the right bank, but get there without hindrance from the left (avoiding traffic jams on the bridges) is practically impossible. On the left bank is uniquely leads Boryspilske direction.

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Obukhov line status, earned over the years
Obukhov direction can be divided into two sub-cluster: Staroobuhovskoe and Novoobuhovskoe. Territory of the first Staroobuhovskoy located along the route (the Metropolitan Highway): base area Dynamo state problem, largest dam, Kozinski of the reserve, the village of Kozin, Rudyk, Plyutov, and the second - along Novoobuhovskoy Highway (Highway Dnipropetrovsk): Villages Khotov, Foresters, Hodosovka, Podgortsy, Romanko, Big Dmytrovychi Old and New Bezradichi.
In Staroobuhovskom sub-cluster along a dam built many elite campuses - from the "Golden Gate" in Koncha Zaspa and ending settlement Three Rivers near the town of Ukrainka. Most of them built on the dam - "Albatross", "Sribna Zatoka", "Dniprova Hvilya", "Klim", "Soubi, Berehynya, and to the forest area along the highway adjacent" Romanov "," Pinery "" Plyutovo, Leonardo "," French Town "and others.
Along the highway Novoobuhovskoy cottage townships slightly less - the "Green Guy", "Foresters", "Alexandrov Posad", Bosco Village, "Sun Valley", there are also several other areas of concentrated elemental, but a prestigious building in the forester's Romankovo, Podgortsy, formed a respectable array and Bezradichi.
Apex of this direction is the transport factor. Thanks to the convenient routes to the Pechersk district can be reached in 15-20 minutes, passing only one traffic light - turn left on Ave. Science. But, unfortunately, not all so perfect. For example, adjacent to the sub-cluster Staroobuhovskomu road on large dams rather narrow and already can not stand the growing stream of "coaches" for the elite: sometimes at 8 am in the direction of Kiev there poses a real urban "congestion".
Natural factor. The richness of nature and scenic of these places attract many people. Staroobuhovskoe sub-cluster has an output either directly to the Dnieper River and its myriad channels - the yacht can moor directly at his cottage. Here is Kozinski landscape reserve area of about 1000 hectares, and the surrounding waters have long chosen by the fans of fishing. Undoubted advantage Novoobuhovskogo sub-cluster, in addition to rivers and lakes, according to hilly terrain, which gives a good overview of the windows built mansions here.
Social factor cottage settlements of this direction is the business card and a reference point for many developers. Live here most of the Ukrainian elite - politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and wealthy foreigners.
Infrastructural factors. When construction begins, "Golden Gate" in Koncha Zaspa, the infrastructure no one thought much. Later, the objects began to appear, significantly improved the quality characteristics of this trend. True, the developers of some towns prefer not to spend money on infrastructure, hoping that residents will benefit from the neighboring villages.
However, in general infrastructure Obukhov direction is quite broad. In Concha Zaspa open restaurants "Razgulyaevo," "Merchant's yard," Dynamo-Home ", in the town of" Golden Gate "-" Horseshoe ", and on the causeway - New Vitrebenki. Near to. Podgortsy restaurants are "The Edge of Heaven," "The Three Musketeers", "Chumatski Way," "Love and hunger, many mini-hotels. In Lisnyky located equestrian entertainment complex Royal Horse Club, a hotel complex "Country", the base of FC Dynamo and Paintball Club "Wild Geese". In sec. Hodosovka a pony club "Domino", but with. Chapaevka - Equestrian Club "pacer." Around with. Krenichi built ski center.
In the cottage near Staroobuhovskoy route developers, too, are actively developing their infrastructure. For example, organized yacht clubs in the villages with access to big water. Not a bad infrastructure is provided in the settlement Kozin - there are accommodations such as "Astarte Center," "Sunny Road", "TKB" hotel with a restaurant "Visit", as well as several prestigious sanatorium complexes.
Sometimes the media is identified with the direction of the Obukhov Obukhov district. But it's not entirely true - relatively isolated areas of cottage construction is not always coincide with the territorial-administrative units. For example, the land of Odessa, Zhitomir, Warsaw (Gostomel) and part of the Obukhov area covers a large area of Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area.
For example, an elite cottage community "Maetok" geographically part of the border Vasilkovskaja area, although it is located at the crossroads of the Obukhov, Kiev Sviatoshynsky and Vasilkovskaja areas.
Odessa direction-Obukhov alternative direction
In Odessa the direction of cottage villages are built in two areas - Kiev Svyatoshinsky and Vassilkovskaya. Of the already-formed small towns can be identified only "Dandy" in the Vita-Postal and equipped with an array. Hlepcha Vasilkovskaja district. Closer to Kiev constructed settlements "Sun City", "Cozy Corner" and "Zadok the Cherry" (p. Kryukovshchina), and in Vassilkovskaya area - an elite set of cottage towns "Mayetok" (p. Ivankovichi), "Scythian" (p. Kryachko ) and "Lake farm" (p. Zdorovka).
Transport factor. On the one hand, this area is characterized by the presence of European-level route Kiev-Odessa, ie, to reach the border metropolis is easy, but on the way to the center of the stumbling block is the Moscow area, the reconstruction was ongoing.
Natural factor. Scenic area due to the abundance of forests, many rivers (Stugna, Siverka) and cascades of lakes (near the villages Kruglik Saltanovka, Hlepcha and in the vicinity of Vasilkova). For example, a cottage community "Lake farm" with three sides surrounded by water bodies.
Social factor. In this direction to ensure social homogeneity is unlikely to be as up to Odessa trails often have to travel the back roads.
Infrastructure is well developed areas of Odessa - a supermarket "New Line", "MegaMax (smt Shepherds), equestrian club," Antonov-Agro (Kruglikov) and the "Bolivar" (p. Putrovka), hotel complex "Hunting Farm "(32-th km of the Odessa route). However, not all of cottage townships enough infrastructure. For example, the developer of "Lake hutorka" We hope that residents will use the infrastructure, the Vasilkov.
Expert comment:
Director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko believes that clean yet remain the satellite town, which were once sanatorium zones. Among them: Irpin Vorzel, Forest Bucha, Pusha-Vodytsya, Boyarka in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area. By Obukhov highway of the most safe and healthy places can be called Kozin, to Boryspil - Rural Mountain and Cherry. Odessa direction also no stranger to natural purity - there is an ecological zone Kruglyk, Ivankovichi, and Vyshgorod - Lyutezh and Khotyanovka.
According to the director of "Span" Alexander Malitsky crowned with a halo of prestige and huge hype Obukhov direction rather dirty. Because of the close proximity of the ground of solid waste in Podgortsy number 5 (the largest waste incineration plant in the Kiev region), Tripoli TEL and ground construction waste number 1 in the Pirogov in soil and groundwater are present poisonous substances. A lot of damage is done and going through the entire area Obukhovskie highway - old and new: the air here is oversaturated with the exhaust gases.
For example, Old Bezradichi according to a new radiation map is located in the affected area.
Also, the fourth of the Chernobyl zone belongs to the village of Kozin, home to a lot of people's deputies and Ukrainian officials.
In addition, marked on the atlas and the suburbs Obukhov, where are the elite houses and grandiose manor.
As an alternative to the direction of Alexander Obukhov Malitsky proposes to consider the Odessa area, in particular district Ivankovichi with natural lakes, forests, beautiful roads.
Boryspilske direction
Cherry, Gnedin, Mountain, Happy
Brovarske direction
Petrine, Puff, cellars, Rozhnov
Warsaw area
Irpen, Bucha, Gostomel, Gorenka
Vyshgorod direction
Petrivtsi, Khotyanovka, Lyutezh
Zhytomyr direction
Belogorodka, Peter and Paul and Sophia Borshchagovka, Parking, Gorenichi
Obukhov direction
Concha Zaspa, Podgortsy, Hodoseevka, Romanko, new and old Bezradichi
Odessa area
Gatnoe, Vita-Mail, Glevaha, Ivankovichi
Victor Kovalenko
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