Has the demand in the market of cottage townships?

04.07.2011 07:05
Articles about real estate | Has the demand in the market of cottage townships? Круглый стол на тему About this wish to be able to learn at the Roundtable on "The Land Market and cottage townships Kyiv Region", held on 31 May at the press center LigaBusinessInform.
It Director of RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko told about supply and demand in the market of cottage townships of Kiev region.

Supply and demand

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Demand depends on the sentence: "if the demand for real estate exceeds the supply, respectively, property prices will rise and vice versa."
Today we see how the real estate market "slumps", real estate prices are falling. Number of offers every day becoming more and purchasing power is as low - now is the reverse process.

Builders unprofitable freeze their site and each month they increasingly add to the objects the real estate market, which leads to lower prices.

In general, the market for suburban property and cottage villages characterized by recession.

As a result of April-May, the number of requests from buyers in the selection of objects of suburban real estate, decreased more than 50%. Reducing the demand for housing in organized cottage villages started to show in early March that it was unnatural for a suburban real estate market. "If in December last year there was a buyers' interest, by the end of February, the market demand has decreased by more than 50%."

Impact of the crisis on the country market is affected very significantly. To date, the constant demand of a class objects. Subject to other conditions being equal, than the object is cheaper, the higher the demand. Most likely, this trend will continue in the market over the medium term of 3-5 years.

Demand is the suburban real estate economy class (houses up to 150 sq.m, plot 6 10sotok, the cost to 800 dollars per sq ft) and it will use.

In the primary market to make a decision in favor of buying an apartment affect three main factors: the degree of preparedness at home, its location and price. The degree of preparedness at home is probably the most important condition.

On the second-stage construction: the object is delivered into service with the documents.
The third most important factor - the reputation of the seller - has remained unchanged.
The fourth most important criterion is the location of the house.
In fifth place - the presence of finishing in the apartment.

In the luxury segment dominated by interest in ready homes in the forest and prilesnyh sites. Since many people buy for themselves, investment demand is now minimal and amounts to no more than 3-5% of total applications.

Also, since the beginning of spring the cost of suburban housing has decreased, due to general economic and political situation in Ukraine and the world.

Portrait of a buyer

Changed portrait, psychology and geography of the buyer. If previously significant layer of consumer is the so-called middle class, now the buyers of such categories are virtually absent. Changed and a portrait of the buyer.

Now 50% make purchases out of town citizens, while 50% of all purchases form the people of Kiev. The modern customer is more cautious. If earlier in the priorities of buyers has been the stage of home construction and commissioning, and now he wants to get the full package of documents to protect yourself from unforeseen situations.

Victor Kovalenko
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