Half of the local government is not interested in AJOAH

01.12.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Half of the local government is not interested in AJOAH To date, half of local government in Ukraine is not interested in creating AJOAH (organization condominiums) of the existence-established schemes and ZhEKov that hinder the creation AJOAH. This was at the briefing said the Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing Anatoly Bliznyuk.

"Today, at least half of local authorities, for whatever reason are not interested to work AJOAH", - said Anatoly Bliznyuk. He said that now with the internal affairs agencies worked through the question of why this is happening. The minister said that this is so, "because I had rebuilt some ZhEKi and they are public property, which is maintained at the expense of local budgets, supported by local budgets."

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Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Regional Development aim to develop such a system in which AJOAH could easily exist and develop.

According to Bliznyuk, to date, have only 42% of pre-existing ZhEKov and other offices to provide municipal services operate as private entities.

The minister also stressed that there is a problem when the situation even in the absence of ZhEKov not improve: "We see it, and now with all those involved in audits of entities, including monopolists, who cooperate with AJOAH, we will put on their place, "- said Bliznyuk.

He is confident that the mayors of the cities and areas of leadership should understand that these measures "are taken to the people."

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