Half of homeowners in Russia - Potential homeless

11.02.2011 12:31
Articles about real estate | Half of homeowners in Russia - Potential homeless Yesterday the State Duma discussed the possible social conflicts that arise when citizens can not pay for their homes - to give mortgages or pay for ongoing utility costs. By some estimates, in Russia, nearly half of homeowners soon will be on the verge of bankruptcy. And for them to become a real threat of eviction. MPs propose to shift some of the factions in the state responsibility for the future of vulnerable owners.

Yesterday the State Duma held a round table devoted to the problem of overdue mortgages. The deputies talked about the danger of eviction on the street Russians, who most strongly affected by the crisis and could no longer pay the mortgage on time.

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As explained in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta State Duma deputy, president of the International Academy of mortgage and real estate Ivan Grachev in Moscow, recorded seven precedents eviction of citizens who could not pay the mortgage debt. "While these are isolated cases, but in Russia as a whole potentially under threat of eviction may be 40,000 families who have taken, as is now proved too much for their mortgage", - said Grachev.

The roundtable participants believe: even created by the State Agency for Restructuring of mortgage loans (ARIZHK) will not save the bankrupt citizens from becoming a bum. Indeed, one loan instead of another - a loan from ARIZHK to cover the mortgage - a situation does not improve.

At the round table was proposed solution creates a problem - translation apartments bankrupt borrowers in the mode of social employment. For an apartment with the bank must pay the state itself, taking money from the budget. In this apartment declared state property, and from tenant-bankruptcy enter into a contract of social employment.

Grachev believes that this scheme will be beneficial to all. The benefit of the citizen that he continues to live in his apartment and removed from unbearable to him a mortgage. Banks are also by and large does not make sense independently of the borrower to sell the apartment for the price, which was established on housing crisis after the collapse of the real estate market. Therefore, according to Grachev, the bank agrees to the conditions proposed by the state - to give the apartment to the state with a certain discount. The State also continues to MP, as a whole is still exactly where to direct funds - to purchase the flats to the state or the scheme proposed by ARIZHK.

In this case, Grachev insists: really on the verge of eviction in Russia are not only mortgage lenders, and therefore the need for a regime of social rent - not a particular problem. "About half of the current owners in Russia may not correspond to the principle of" the owner is responsible for his property. " Not every owner is able to deduct contributions for future capital repairs of housing, not everyone will pull the payment of the increased property taxes. Sanctions against such defaulters, according to law, eviction "- draws the attention of the deputy.

And in this sense is obtained by a paradoxical situation. The state maintains ownership under the guise that time, he privatized the apartment, then he is morally and financially ready for it to give any money to any tariff. If he can not do that, then he is threatened with eviction. However, mass evictions, the authorities do not want to admit - not so much out of altruism, but because of fear for the stability that would unravel the social unrest. And the search begins devious ways to deal with instead of eliminating the root causes of social conflict - the inflated rates, impossibly high taxes, back-breaking mortgage terms, etc.

At the same time estimate the number of citizens who are facing eviction, different experts differ. If we talk about the bankrupt mortgage borrowers, in the opinion of an expert assessment of the Department of 2K Audit - Business Consulting / Morison International »Irina Vorobyev, their number reaches 6-8 thousand more people, rather than 40 thousand

"Defaults on its loans to Russia enough. The average level of delay in the banking system reached 20%. Danger of eviction of citizens is very real, and another thing - it is necessary to sweep aside the borrowers who have this accommodation is not unique. Citizens who have only to stay home and not able to repay the loan in times less than the level of arrears ", - notes Director of the Department of private and corporate lending company Penny Lane Realty Roman Stroilov.

Meanwhile, experts do not deny that in itself the problem of evictions of citizens - not just subprime borrowers, but in general the owners - really need to be addressed. Experts have seen positive developments including the proposed scheme of social employment. However, social rentals should not be the only tool, they say.

In ARIZHK note that the mechanism was discussed yesterday at the simplicity of a serious flaw. "Do not solve the problem of the bank - from what sources he will receive a refund. After all, the regional budgets do not have the financial capability. So, under the threat will be delivered to the depositors of the bank, making the scheme unworkable "- said CEO Andrew ARIZHK languages.

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