Guests in the house: how to specify the conditions of cohabitation

22.09.2010 09:25
Articles about real estate | Guests in the house: how to specify the conditions of cohabitation Sometimes, in our apartments invade a variety of uninvited guests: aunts and uncles, distant relatives, school mates, old acquaintances, and even the familiar old friends. And each of them hopes for the night, a piece of bread with Krakow and warm welcome. But not everyone is willing to give his apartment rent-free dear guests. How to protect yourself and what to do if family members or uninvited guests still caused damage to property?

Life changes
Muscovites have always been welcoming and hospitable hosts. Much has been written about this book, a film where even quite strangers, as they say, family members "after three knee, watered, fed and allowed to stand overnight, and then provide long-term use free sofa or a separate room.

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"Of course, before it was easier - says Yuri Karamalikov, director of business communications holding company MIEL. - People were more open. I remember that the door to our porch and into apartments on the floors are almost never closed. The neighbors all knew each other by name and shared if necessary uncomplicated belongings. To "TV", who it had met their families. Soccer balls and bicycles are considered "yard of property" by definition, regardless of the opinions of the owner. In such circumstances, it was assumed that unexpected visitors could always be a night or two "raspihat" by compassionate neighbors if nagryanuvshaya crowd of villagers could not fit in the communal room of its owner. "

But times have changed. Numerous transmission of gangsters, swindlers and thieves forced to exercise caution and vigilance, even in relation to distant relatives and acquaintances with whom once had to learn, serve, work or relax together.
Even the guests were arrogant, but their visits are not always as they say, occur "in a vein. Well, all right, if an unexpected relative appeared in the doorway when the family took afternoon tea. Yes, and a guest at the door admitted that he was forced to ask for overnight circumstances, and in the morning he should hurry to the station.

Well, if a distant relative comes at the most inopportune moment when you, for example, are going to meet friends in bars, theaters, night work, finally. And besides, this guest you've seen one or two times in my life. To postpone a planned visit, a meeting with the bride, skip shift? Or to show kindness and give the keys to their own castle?

And what to do with the so-called "familiar friends" who are the hosts and the eye something never seen? Yuri Karamalikov advice will find out who sent them specifically, and to arrange a joint meeting by telephone, an active picking up at the same time the most "inconvenient" questions: the length of stay, finances, recommending the responsibility of relatives. "In short, we must immediately make clear that such a" service "can have only one time without risk of losing your position."

Sorry, but ...

The conscience of everyone: to shelter or a relative decline in the doorway, - give its opinion Maria Spruce, a member of NDV. - I remember the case when Ukraine came from "uninvited" to stay with relatives in Moscow. Come, they come from and from the station to the landlord, who had planned to while away a week or two, could not get through. And during the day could not contact him, and in the evening cousin did not appear. And were unfortunate almost daily near the entrance, while above them do not pity the lonely old woman - a neighbor of Moscow cousin. In my opinion, if a person is going to visit a friend in another city, should have long to discuss the possibility of "gostevaniya, dates and times and conditions. Otherwise, on arrival may be the most absurd complexity. "

"The reason for refusal can find any - takes the conversation Eugene Skomorovsky, Managing Director of« Century 21 West. - "Well, you just look at what our small apartment, and how many people in it".

You can excuse the fact that it starts tomorrow morning with repairs and has caused workers. Or do you rush to the plane, leaving on a business trip. Or is about to welcome you to be his daughter and three grandchildren, whom you have seen a year ago. Excuses you can come up with a lot. However, if a man has no innate talent pack off unwanted guests, then this is not to learn. "But by and large it all depends on your relationship with a particular relative, - continues to reflect on the sensitive issue Eugene Skomorovsky. - It seems to me that to leave the host is very close friends and relatives. All the rest of us just need help to find a suitable hotel, tell us how to spend leisure time, where to go. "

Whip up the ruble, relative
Some owners of apartments in Moscow, waiting for guests immediately start to complain that people are not rich, utilities in the capital are expensive, and even fastidious policeman does not want its territory to someone living without a temporary registration. In short, is a hint: if you want a week-mesyatsok feel inhabitant First Throne at the home, have to fork out. Many visitors this position relatives is very surprising, others believe it is Moscow's rule.

"Take the money for a long stay? - Says Eugene Skomorovsky. - Again, it depends on the degree of relationship and financial situation of homeowners. While my friends five years ago, they took with native plemennika $ 100 per month. Boyfriend of four years, all the time in college, shared a room with her son friends, almost the same age, although for the money he could take off in Moscow in the same area, their own room. Not to say that "landlords" greedy people. Just nonresident family was more comfortable that my son was under supervision, and they are thus compensated for the inconvenience Muscovites.

"Well, a day or even distant relatives you can afford" perekantovatsya and host - shares his views Pavel Karasev, CEO of real estate service. " - And then, even despite the discontent and the silent reproach to look for a cheap hotel for them. Of course, hotels in Moscow obscenely expensive, but today there are many companies specializing in the daily delivery of flats. By the way, the daily rental "odnushki" in the city center with good repair will be about 2,5 thousand rubles., On the outskirts of Moscow - 1,5 thousand rubles. Get a contact number of such firms to at any moment you could advise their numerous relatives and friends. "

"Leave to live with myself for a long time can only be well very, very close relative, provided that the costs of maintenance specified in advance - its opinion Yuri Karamalikov. - Better in advance and carefully discuss all financial matters, risk meanie to appear in the eyes of relatives, rather than later to whine due to lack of funds unit. Moscow - a very expensive city to live. But not all newcomers understand it. "

Undoubtedly, the relative shelter - is always troublesome, but this is not a stranger. However, if the relative agrees to pay, this option may well suit both sides.

How to repair the damage?
Finally, a couple of issues that require a responsible decision. For example, whether to leave the keys of a relative, if the owners were serving at that time on vacation abroad or a long trip? And what to do when, after returning from vacation the same hospitable owners suddenly fall into a real cave, or have found some kind of loss?

Some "gostepriimtsy experienced" believe that if a particular visitor has previously lived in your apartment and has established itself as a responsible and sensible individual, it is quite possible for a short time to entrust to him their property. But if the apartment is not insured, it is better not to risk it. Investigators can enumerate hundreds of cases where after the departure of distant relatives disappeared from the apartment money or any valuables. What to do in this situation? And that threatens the enterprising family, if able to prove their guilt?

"In any case, need to negotiate on shore, - says Yuri Karamalikov. - Then he will only drink pills and complaining about life: and relatives lost, and values and, possibly, "flew" in decent repair. On the other hand, this is an excellent occasion to continue to deny ALL, referring to his bitter experience! The British No wonder they say: "You want to get rid of someone for a long time - give him a duty".

Expert opinion. Anastasia Soldatova Counsel "NDV-estate", the relatives, causing damage to property:

If the amount is large and expensive thing you should contact the competent authorities (the regional police department) a statement that a criminal investigation into the theft of property. Theft of a distant relative or a "good friend" could be qualified as theft or embezzlement secret.

Solving the question of whether the actions of the person who committed the theft, burglary or robbery, the signs of illegal entry into homes, premises or other warehouse, courts must ascertain the purpose for which the offender was in the room (housing, storage), as well as when there was intent on taking another person's property. If the person was there lawfully, without malice, but then committed a theft, robbery or burglary, in his actions specified attribute is missing. This is not a qualifying criterion in cases where the person was in the dwelling, premises or other warehouse, with the consent of a victim or persons under the protection of which the property is located, by virtue of family relationship, dating.

Unfortunately, the person who handed the keys to the apartment, shall not be liable to the landlord. And if the court will prove that he committed a theft of the property, then it can only be punished by a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles. or in the amount of wages or other income for the period up to six months, or by compulsory works for up to 180 hours, or correctional labor for a term of six months to one year, or restraint of liberty for up to two years, or arrest for a period of two to four months, or imprisonment for up to two years.
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