Green building: what is build?

16.01.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Green building: what is build? Let's find out what build housing that people feel comfortable in it?

The term "biopozitivnist" appeared rather long ago. It is not only environmentally-friendly home, its safety, but also useful for people.

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Each person has an aura - the energy shell. Studies show that around us materials and objects affect our energy. Man on a conscious level that may or may not feel it. However, probably every noticed that our well-being depends on the place in which we live. Where we do not feel comfortable with fatigue, have a good mood. Among the most famous teachings about it - Feng Shui, which describes how to properly arrange things, to pick the color space, where you live ...

So it is proved that the house made of concrete, a person loses a permanent stay of up to 20 percent of its vitality.
In a brick building opposite energy improves by 15 percent.
Clay has a positive effect on people.
But the tree is not so simple. Wise biblical king Solomon for the masters, "who can cut a tree, gave values which are equivalent to the cost of several cities. Esoteric know that if you stop someone's life, then bear responsibility for that karma. Tree - a living! Therefore, great importance is when and how to cut to reduce or remove the responsibility to preserve the purity of energy wood, increase the service life and further build positive energy in-built housing. But in such housing bioenergetics rights is increasing dramatically. Such housing is better. But there is a problem. This knowledge is regarded as already lost. Therefore, modern wooden house is can be called energopozitivnym.

Another thing straw ...
Historical and ethnographic studies have revealed a huge amount of information related to the use of cereal straw as a building material and means of protection from geopathic influences. This historical information is confirmed by numerous factors of modern life, and published in the scientific and popular literature. Among the famous examples of the use of straw with relaxation purposes and to protect against the adverse impacts of bioenergy are the following:
litter of straw blocks geopathic influence on a person. That is why the foundation of all ancient buildings, especially religious erected on a bed of straw (the pyramids, the Great Wall of China and others), and a straw mattress and presently considered curative.
Mature culm has a powerful subtle energy. She has a positive effect on the person and strengthens its energy due to the geometry of articles of straw. Therefore, before each of the cradles baby hanging straw "Spiderman," which protects the child from evil forces. According to ancient beliefs, it was believed that the devil is entangled in a complex pyramidal structure and will not be able to reach the baby.
And most importantly - the use of straw as opposed to wood, does not cause the accumulation of negative karma. A tree cut down alive, and the straw is used after the completion of the life cycle on Earth. Therefore, the power housing is obtained simply wonderful. This underlines all who live in Green Buildings made of straw. Residents Ukrainian ecosettlements "Valley Springs", near Kiev, called the straw house "alive." They say that they sleep well, dream of only pleasant dreams. And breathe in such houses can be a full breast ...

... Now the developer is not easy to navigate the market of construction materials and different systems. Statistics confirm that only a third house, more or less satisfies the builder. However, the time and opportunity to make a mistake we have not.

What will be your home, you decide.
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