Greeks dispose of the mass of homes because of high taxes

16.06.2011 17:25
Articles about real estate | Greeks dispose of the mass of homes because of high taxes Recently, the Greek government has taken a number of unpopular actions to reduce the budget deficit. In addition to mass privatization of state property, the authorities decided to increase taxes on property owned by private individuals.

As a result, the Greeks became too expensive have second homes for family vacations. Residential real estate in the most attractive parts of the country in droves put up for sale, reports

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Employees of the Greek real estate agency Demeures de Grece note that since 2008, when the real estate market in Greece has seen an explosion, the prices of houses on the secondary market fell for the first time, even on such popular islands like Mykonos and Corfu. According to realtors, "hot" time for making the most lucrative deals occurred.

The average price of a house on the east coast is famous for its beach parties, Mykonos Island is now only 3000 - 5000 euros per square meter. m. The hunters tidbits can "grab" a country house with one bedroom and a decent all the meter for 195 000 euros.

On the island of Corfu, life proceeds more gradually and methodically. According to tradition, it is attractive to the older generation, are seeking a quiet village at the southern sun for themselves and their families. But even here the prices are steadily declining. According to CB Richard Ellis Atria, the average price of apartments in Corfu earlier this summer was about 4000 - 6000 euros per "square".

Resale of Greece is a more "budget" option than buying the apartments in new buildings. With the purchase of "secondary housing," the buyer must pay to the Greek treasury, only 10% tax on the transfer of ownership, while those who decided to buy a new house in Greece will have to pay 23% VAT.
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